Pymatuning or Mosquito?

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  1. Dad and I are planning a trip this weekend to either Pymatuning or Mosquito. Trying to decide which way to head, anyone been doing any good for eyes at either lake? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks for the help.
  2. Generally, Squito will provide more numbers then Pymo- but Pymo has good sized fish if you find them.... I've heard of more eyes being caught at Squito.
    Look for the crowds of boats on either lake and fish with worm harnesses or jig & minnows.
    The weather will be the biggest factor for you... good luck

  3. We used to fish at Pymatuning all the time and do well but like many others have not done to hot the last few years. We really have only fished mosquito once and caught a few, hopefully we can find some spots this weekend. Thanks for your input.
  4. Skeeter is doing ok right now . i caught a few 'eyes at the imagination station from shore. also if form shore crappie is slammin' at the causeway , i have better luck in the evening .
  5. We fished last Saturday at Mosquito in the raine, Hooked 5 walleye one 27" and 4 between 16 and 18 hope this helps you out. We used spoons and jigs white.
  6. cpr


    What kind of spoon and size did you use
  7. well hell with you and your old man's luck it dosnt matter what lake you are going to you need me your lucky netter to be there or on the lake to do any good. well have fun and dont forget to cross there eyes and dont get to casting buck tailes the smoker is just to small for that