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    went up last evening looking for gills on the redds but could not find them. talked to some amish fishermen (and women) who all came in with walleyes. the young man who had five said his father caught ten, not sure if that was for the day or the weekend. the one thing all three boatloads had in common, they were trolling nightcrawlers. stopped at a local baitshop and the owner said he was selling crawlers at a fast rate. anyone going up may want to consider this.
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    I did very well last year trolling harnesses in 16 feet and also along the edge of the weeds in 6 to 8 feet of water. They were very selective thou and you had to run your harnesses on 4 feet leads with two floats to bring it off the bottom about 3 feet out in the deeper water. Every thing that I marked was two feet off bottom. I was running my harnesses on a two oz bouncer in deep water and also on snap weights on boards, and with a 1/4 to 3/8 oz bullet sinker in the weeds. The best color last year was all orange followed by lime green as a second choice. I also did ok trolling lead core with big o's and number 5 shad raps. I also start fishing this lake in June like a few other people have said before. I am going up for a few days in two weeks.