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  1. I am hearing that the crack down is on with people running 20 HP with the 9.9stickers. I have been reading a few other message boards and people have been talking about this. My question is I fish a trail that fishes pymie and I would say at least 70% are running the bigger motors, I wonder what is going to happen here.
    I must say I am guilty of this offense also just because I was at such a disadvantage come tounament time. Now I know that it is not a good excuse nor is there any excuse that would be good enough but I thought I just needed to be on a level playing field with the other anglers. Please dont start bashing me because I know I'm wrong, I'm just pointing this out to the fishermen out there.
    Has anyone else out there heard of this happening??

  2. This came up on an earlier post. I sent a warning to a friend of my brother who just bought a bigger motor with 9.9HP decals at a marina near Pyma. Upon hearing this, he called his marina as well as several others in the area, and they all confirm that PFC is cracking down bigtime. This is going to add to the boat traffic at Mosquito this year!

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    the boat commission was supposed to have been checking the linesville ramps this past week. until ohio agree to upping the hp limit to 20, the pa officers are going to get stinky. it is a shame that the two states cannot get together on this lake.
  4. Has there been any disscusion thru either states to up the HP limit to 20?

    You say that the BC have been checking,exactly what have they been checking and what are they doing about it if you are in violation?
  5. This is kind of interesting. Last year my dad almost bought a boat from one of the dealers around there. When we told him that we wanted a 9.9 he pushed really hard for us to get the 20 w/ stickers...he swore up and down that they were getting ready to bump up that h.p. limit...guess they'll tell ya anything for the extra cash!


    What trail are you fishing up there? My dad and I were trying to find one but didn't have any luck...
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    i hate the 9.9 rule at pyma. i lived in pa for 13 years and bought a 17 footer with a 9.9 merc. i swear my boat makes more of a wake plowing thru the water than boats with 150's or 225' s on them. the 9.9 just doesn't get boats on plane, except for the pop can deep v's and jon's that were popular with our dads back in the day. i still run my 9.9 even though i live in ohio now, just for pyma.although i've been fishing at portage, westbranch, and spencer more in recent years. oh well, whatever your horsepower- fish on!
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    supposedly with a h.p. limit under 25, keeps jet skis off the lake. i think this is why they wanted to up it to 20 so it would satisfy anglers and homeowners alike... but ohio didnt approve for some reason{figures}last year... i say leave it alone. its a pain in the arse to get from here to there, but it is the only peaceful lake in n.e. would be nice to continue to have one......
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    My personal opinion on pymy is that they should increase the hp for safety. That lake gets rough quick due to being so shallow. My dad and I got caught in a thunderstorm one year fishing a tournament and it started lightning. My 9.9 pushed my old boat about 8 mph and we were getting tossed everywhere. It just wasn't safe! How hard would it be to increase it. I don't see how it causes more damage. None of the other lakes that increased hp seem to have a problem. My new boat has a bigger motor on it, and I guess the towns around linesville and jamestown just won't get my money until the lake increases hp. I'm curious to see what happens when the keystone bass tourney heads up there. If the fish commission is serious about citing for horsepower, they'll need around 20 officers to write all the citations! I would bet 99% of the boats fishing this tourney is running a bigger motor. Last year I had the Officer check me at pymy, he didn't say a word about my motor. Well, that's enough ranting from me.
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    I like the rule of 9.9 we need it, the pleasure boats and jet ski's are annoying. At least you have one lake for true fisherman, with a quality amount of fish in it. I know it sucks I have a 17'8 allumacraft with a 90hp and 9.9 kicker and with the 9.9 running full throtle it doesn't move very fast at all.
  10. Thanks for the info. with all of you replies, I now have a few questions.

    1. Is this crack down so bad that it is sending people to Mosquito? Is the fine really steep or something? I just bought a used boat last year with a 9.9 kicker. As I looked up the info on to get new plugs and parts, I discovered it was a 15 hp. I never knew it until after the sale. I bought it privately and the guy is now deceased. I really have no recourse. My ignorance with motors will not excuse me from getting a fine I am planning on coming up in three weeks and really do not feel like dealing with the headache. It's a 18 foot Lund that is pretty heavy. It will putt at most on the lake with the 15.

    2. If they are checking at Linesville, why not launch in Ohio? Are they really bending over and checking on the lake?

    3. Which is a better lake to fish: Mosquito or Pymie? Where would you go if you had my predicament? I have not fished Mosquito since I was about 7 years old. I have no idea where to even go to try and put some fish in the live well. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks, arrow_man
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    I have to say that I did consider "improving" my 9.9 hp for Pyma Lake. I now live just under 7 miles from the lake's north end at the Ohio/PA line. I have an I/O in my boat that I use for Mosquito and Lake Erie. I added the 9.9 hp for Pyma when I moved further away from Lake Erie.
    I have to admit, Mosquito Lake isn't what it used to be. Once the PWC's hit the water, the operators don't care about fishermen. I've had those PWC's wake me on Lake Erie when I've trolled the shoreling for small mouth bass.
    So, for me, I still like the 9.9 rule on Pymatuning Lake. I love camping and at night, the sound of a fisherman with his small motor just trolling along. You can slowly hear him/her motor out for a long time. What do you hear at Mosquito Lake? Noise.
    So I say, let's keep Pymatuning Lake at the 9.9 hp limit. So what if a sailboat passes you? :)