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Pymatuning Lake

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Kilowatz, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Was on a boat fishing for walleyes all day long, only got 1 fish all day, and it was a Fish Ohio Crappie 14.5 inches and just over a pound....caught on a 3/8oz Jig, with a brown curly tail...but are there any fish in this lake? Fishing was terrible out there...

  2. I've had a pretty solid year thus far bass fishing out there...both size and numbers.

  3. Me and my dad go out there a couple times a year during the summer, and have had a lot of luck every time so far as far as perch, bluegill, and occasional bass and walleye. We will be going Saturday, I will let you know how I do.
  4. We have not had much luck fishing all year. It has really been a terrible fishing year thus far for us for anything and everywhere from Senneca to the ohio river to freemont to lake erie and back.
  5. We are staying out here for a while. Haven't had much time to fish. My 12 yr old son caught a 26.5" channel cat last Monday. We also caught a couple LM, some perch and a couple BG. Saw some kid catch 2 LM bass while we were sitting there and they were huge, fat! We went out tonight for a couple hours and got NOTHING! Maybe I can take him out again tomorrow early evening.
  6. I've been out about 4 times. Anywhere from 20-30 Crappies with a few over 14 in. each trip between two of us. We have also picked up a few eye's, none undersized. Few of my buddies fish there more then me and have had about the same results each trip. Our drift area is way North of the Causeway on the western side of the lake. Stay around 12-15 ft. near the weeds and wood. We also went up to the stumpfields up North and got some really nice perch last trip. It's just hard to leave the crappies. Few friends were out last weekend at night on bridge and really got into the white bass and crappies. The days of catching 20-25 walleye out there have been over for me for about 3-4 years now.
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