Pymatuning 4/12

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  1. Fished Pymie this weekend. The bite was not good. I ended up with one little perch and 4 crappie. All came on 1/4oz chartruse jog with a small minny. I was drifting through the stumps. The lake it about 2-3 feet high, which made the logs sticking up hard to see. The wind started blowing pretty good. got off the lake about 13:00.

    Did manage one nice crappie - 13 1/2 in.
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    Its been slow...I think we need this weather to finally stabalize a bit so fish trust that spring is really here and start feeding!

  3. esox62

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    what were the lake temps..?? shallows?
  4. Surface temp was about 52 degrees. We were catching them in 8-10 fow.
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    Thanks for the report, I was just thinkin about that lake.
  6. hey great report. its good to see some fish being caught. this week with the 70s should make this weekend good. were getting close to the best fishing of the season!!!!!