pymatuming advice

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by J-Dubs, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. going to pymatuming this weekend. just wondering if anyone can give me ideas for walleyes, possible perch. any help would be appreciated. never fished there from a boat, and i do have both licenses.
  2. have talked buddys that are fishing this week there getting a few walleye a day.trolling south end mostly 18-20 ft dragging shad raps hot n tots on mono and lead

  3. I will be there Friday and Saturday. I will be in a 16.5' crestliner. I will also be trying to troll lead w/ mono. Will be my first time up there in 2 years so I cannot give any advice but if you see me give me a hollar. I drive a Black Dodge Ram.
  4. Perch you can catch any where.Troll for walleye in 15 to 20 ftw use crayfish color hotntots.Ill be up there for 9 days starting sat.
  5. You wont have trouble catching perch. try a small hook with a small piece of night crawler and a light sinker ANYWHERE on the lake, they dont even relate to structure, just throw it over the side let it sink to the bottem and it wont be long!!! But for walleye, definitely troll hot-n-tots and shad raps in 20FOW. but I cant guarantee youll catch a walleye.
  6. I fished there for the first time in early May. The weather was terrible that ran off of the lake by bad storms two days in a row. Anyway, between storms, we caught some nice walleye drifting near the islands south of the causeway. We were using lindy rigs and jigs tipped with minnows in about 12 ft of water.