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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by harle96, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Found this surfing, lol.

  2. awesome, just plain awesome

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    ah man, you have no idea how many times i wanted to do that.
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    i dont get it tom---you mean those guys actually get to close to you???? I thought they all passed a boaters safety course and were well on their way to being professional mariners.......( dont get to wound up---this is pure sarcasm) :D
  5. i might be alittle off on this one .... but to a fisherman that almost ranks up there with pic of a naked supermodel :)
  6. At one time I kept a rod rigged up with heavy line and a giant snagging treble hook just for jet and water skiers. I used it on several occasions but I was never luckey enough to bag one. They are very skiddish when you start throwing treble hooks at them . I then decided to start fishing electric and 10 hp limit lakes before I got in trouble and still do today. True story!
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    I hear they put up a pretty good fight! :D
  8. Just a note.... A few years ago at Griggs Dam I heard a story about a bass fisherman that threw a crankbait at a water skier up in the creek at Griggs Dam because he was running to close and was in a no wake zone. To make a long story short. The skier tryed to sue the bass fisherman for damages to his boat from the treble hooks and the danger to the occupants of the boat. After going to court they realized the pictures the skier brought to show the damages were of 2 different boats. The water skier then dropped all charges.. The bass fisherman turned around and counter sued the water skier and won!!!

    All in all this could of turned out bad for the bass fisherman. The best thing to do is to get their OH number and turn them into authorities.

    This happens alot at Griggs Dam. Its sad that we can not enjoy our sport of fishing without having people like this always messing with us. Just try to do the right thing so it doesn't come back and bite you!! or should I say hook you!! :)

    Just my 2 cents on this subject.
  9. On what grounds? Just curious since this kind of info might help one of us someday.
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    Likely for wrongfully accusing, and or harassment.

    Lawyer fees, time for missed work....
  11. Net.. Sorry I am not sure... This was a story I heard at the river.

  12. I keep my digital camera handy, and get pictures of the boaters and the boat numbers and turn them in to the state...