Puzzle for the Brain

Discussion in 'OGF Comedy Corner' started by Lil' Rob, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. There is a word...that if you capitalize the first letter of that word...you will change the pronunciation of that word...and you will also change the definition.

    Any guesses...
  2. nope... too early in the morn bro LOL

  3. I got that one but it took me some time.;)
  4. bkr43050...what was your answer? I only know of one word that answers this question. Would certainly like to know if there are others.

    I thought I'd get more responses on this :confused: ?

    I'll post the answer by week's end.
  5. A a is my answer...
    Don't know if my guess is right but my head hurts so I quit LMAO :D
  6. no change in the definition to your answer Clyde.

    I guess I could give another clue to the answer. Besides changing pronunciation and definition...the word changes from a verb to a noun.
  7. do to me what the wind does to the air... hahahahaaa
    You in town?
  8. its in the comedy section so..... I quit time to eat my smoked chicken ...
  9. Its got to begin with a vowel though right. I before E... :rolleyes:
  10. he called and told me...
    I wiil give no hints but send $$$ then a PM it is possible!!!
  11. Not real sure but i think it`s Polish,polish
  12. I think Bubbahunter has a correct answer as well but that is not the one I had. Mine was "Herb" & "herb".
  13. Hey thats two not one :p Lil Rob
  14. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    wind (like the wind blowing) and wind (like wind a spool of thread)

    Capitalization doesn't matter but it fits all the other descriptions.
  15. polish to Polish was the answer, it meets all three requirements. Sorry bubbahunter, due to me owing Uncle Sam this year, there's no prize for getting the correct answer :p .

    herb to Herb doesn't fit all three, but is still a good answer, as well as wind and wind. With our crazy English language, there are others that meet two of the req's, but I've never come up with another meeting all three.

    I guess despite the rumors, there are some smart people on this sight :D .
  16. Maaannn !!!!! i dang near strip a gear on that answer and all i get is a sorry....lol oh well atleast it was fun.

    got anymore?
  17. What about Live, only problem is capitalization has nothing to do with the noun transition.
  18. I beg to differ on this. It fits your three criteria.

    1. The pronunciation of "herb" has the "h" silent whereas "Herb" does not.
    2. An herb is a kind of plant. Herb is a person's name (short for Herbert).
    3. As for the third criteria well I have no idea because you only gave two.;):D
  19. Brian...the third criteria was that the word changed from a verb to a noun. Shoot, I was just tryin' to have some fun :rolleyes: