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    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Tis the season that begins the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, waiting in long lines at the retail outlets, visiting with family during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Writing out all those Christmas cards, going through the house from top to bottom and cleaning prior to your guests arriving for the holidays. Getting that honey do list completed, and fighting the traffic on your way home from work. Navigating the icy and snowy roads that at times give you that white knuckle feeling, and all those other stresses that are in your life during the holiday season.

    Sometimes I loose sight of what is most important. No…. actually it seems that often times I loose sight of what is most important.

    I was reminded of what was important last night.

    I was speaking with a friend of mine last night. As we spoke, he talked about how he was going to go out later that evening to the homeless shelters and give out blankets, sleeping bags, etc… He then proceeded to tell me the story of a gentleman that is homeless that he got to speak with the night before. A grandfather that hit hard times, his wife passed away, and he fell into a rut. He didn’t want to burden his daughter with his problems, but he got to the point where he became homeless.

    My friend told me of the shelter, that house’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 homeless each night.

    It was at that moment that I was reminded of what is most important to me in my life, and how fortunate that I am.

    I find myself at times falling into the trap that has me forgetting about how stupid it is to worry about the small stuff, get into pissing matches, and loose sight of what really matters.

    All the crying about burning fishing spots, this person said this or that on the forum’s, and all that other stuff that goes along with our Fishing Forum life is truly a non-issue and not really important compared to what others out there are dealing with.

    No Food
    No Shelter
    No Job
    No Family
    Drug Addictions

    I want to publicly thank my friend for putting me back on track, and reminding me of what is most important in my life. My wife, my son, my family, my health, and my friends.

    I have a home, food, warm bed, and a job to go to. I have friends and family that love one another, and I am so fortunate to have all this.

    It is times like this that remind me to sit back and truly take in all that I am thankful for. Life is way to short to be fighting with each other, or sweating the small stuff.

    I am going to start a yearly tradition with myself, and try to do a small part to give back. I am the child of a broken home and violent marriage. I know how it feels to live in fear as a child, and my mother having to turn to the Battered Women’s Shelter to live with her children for a period of time. I know how it feels too get government cheese and food stamps. This year and every year around this time I am going to make a contribution to that foundation.

    I challenge each of you to do something that you think would be appropriate to give back to others. Whether that is a donation of time, a donation of money, or a donation of items. If those that are in a position to give back would, I know it would make a difference.

    Last year I took part in the Shop with Cops program in Summit county, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences to watch children take $100 in the form of a gift card at Walmart and buy gifts for Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised that the kids didn’t buy for themselves, but they bought for their mothers, fathers, and siblings.

    In closing,

    I wish everyone a happy holidays, and hope that you take a moment to sit back and reflect on what is most important too you in your life.

    Best wishes,

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    Well said Ben, good to see ya back and posting. Happy Holiday's to you and your family also.

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    Tipping my hat to you for a well written post and one that most of us can take to heart.

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    well said but dont forget there are those that choose to get the government cheese because they are too lazy to go out and get a job. I work my ass off to provide for my family and cant stand to contribute to those that are nothing but leeches off the system. I do wish those that really needed help got everything they needed but until those in charge get rid of the thousands that dont deserve the free handouts those that do will never get everything they need. Sorry to rain on the parade but the topic of free handouts drives me crazy i have been trying to hire workers for 6 months and get no one eventhough there are supposed to be so many out of work. This country is full of cry babies and each generation gets worse and thinks they are entitled to more.
  5. Ben, you have seen the light. Now it's just a matter of remembering what it looks like.

    imalt, just curious, what wages are you offering for these jobs you have to fill? What does the job entail?
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    12-15 dollars an hour. the job is delivering new furniture to peoples homes. those that honestly believe that everyone on welfare needs it need to pull their head out of their a##. Most of these people are nothing but scam artists. And the worst thing is these people have multiple kids and their kids go on the system and things just keep multiplying. I am not saying end handouts i would just like to see government oversight and those that are healthy and able to work be made to do that. Think of the millions of dollars that would be saved if this was done. And think of the thousands that could be spent on those that do need the help.
  7. That was a wonder post KSUFLASH. It reminded me that it is time to help those that are less fortunate. There are plenty of organizations that need our help.

    No comment on the "other" post.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I understand there are those that take advantage of the system, and there is some truth to that, But...

    I guess I am one of those success stories then. My mother needed the assistance in 1981. After being viciously beaten and abused, she ran away with her 2 children looking for somewhere better than where we were.

    If it wasn't for the government systems in place back in the 80's, and if it weren't for those people that had a big heart and were willing to give too those in need, I am certain that I wouldn't be as forturnate as I am today.

    If it wasn't for the soup kitchens, the fruit baskets in the winter time, the turkey giveaways from the places of worship, the Good Will, the Salvation Army, family and friends, strangers and business owners, that contributed something to my mother, sister, and myself, I can guarentee you that I would be one of those problems in the society, as I wouldn't be on the straight and narrow now.

    It was those that put aside the fact that even back in the 80's there were some taking advantage of the system, but there were also those in the system that truly benefitted from the kindness of others such as myself.

    Thanks goes out to those that still believed they were making a differance in this world, regardless of the few bad apples in the bunch that go along with these sort of assistance programs.

    I for one am now in a position to return the favor to others, and will attempt to make a differance in their life. Setting aside the fact that I know just like in the 80's, there are some bad apples that make it appear the programs aren't worthy. But I also know that I have hundreds of things I can do that will make a differance in someones life this holiday season.

    I choose to use my energy in a positive manner and attempt to help those in need, rather than looking at the negative aspects of paticular assistance programs. Those who look at the negatives and do nothing to help should expect nothing to change.

    You can't tell me that donating money to the Summit County Shop with Cops program doesn't make a differance.

    You can't tell me that donating femanine supplies to the Battered Women Shelter doesn't make a differance.

    You can't tell me that dropping off a turkey to a shelter that feeds the homeless doesn't make a differance.

    You can't tell me that the Toys for Tots program doesn't make a differance.

    You can't tell me that spending a day with the Habitat for Humanity doesn't make a differance.

    You can't tell me that donating your time with Meals on Wheels doesn't make a differance.

    You can't tell me that making a donation to your local Animal Shelter doesn't make a differance.

    You can't tell me that taking any non-perishable foods and baking supplies to a church doesn't make a differance.

    You can't tell me that making a donation to the "Make a Wish" program doesn't make a differance.

    Anyone that thinks these programs aren't worthy, then they should really look inside themselves. Or as someone stated...pull their head out of their own rear end.
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    i agree with you all of those things do make a difference. I guess the point i was trying to make was just like your friend helped you get your life straight. I think some of the government program dont help as much as they are enablers for people not to want to be better themselves. Your friend didnt enable you he helped you through your problems to make you a better person. I think some of the systems set up dont help people get on their feet they just keep enabling them to stay in the same place in their life. I meant no disrespect to you. I just get sick of making deliverys to people who live off the system and have nicer things then I do. So sorry if you took it the wrong way I guess people should make sure when they donate money that it goes to those that really need it.
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    i wasn't going to comment either,but after the second one..............................................
    i kinda thought this thread was about positive things that make a difference.things like helping others who are less fortunate and in need of a little help.doing good things that make you feel good,as well as make the recipients' lives a little better.
    i didn't see ben's post as as an invitation for reminding us of only the negative things we can think of:confused:
    i guess there are always going to be people who see the glass as half empty.i choose to see it as half full.look for the good,rather than always trying to find the bad.yes,there is bad,and i see it every day,but would rather recognize the good,of which there is also plenty.
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    i was unaware i needed an invitation I thought this was a forum where i could express my opinion and i did. but ignore the problem if you want that should solve it. from now on I am sticking to fishing reports since everyone is so sensitive.
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    well, if you want to look at in a negative light, there will always be those lurkers reading fishing reports, acting on the advice therein, and never contributing anything to the community here ;)

    there are going to be people like that in every faction of society.

    I think the OP was just trying to shed some perspective that most of us probably have it fairly good and we should be thankful for that. We at least can afford a fishing rod and access to an internet connection (or gas to drive to a library, or the energy and time to walk there). I am certainly thankful for those things!
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    thank you mushi i apoligize to kflash for hijacking his thread
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    people,please do as the thread title says.............keep things in perspective.as in keep in mind the point of the author,and try to refrain from turning it into something else.
    thank you.
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    KSUFLASH, I thought your thread start could not be out done, but you out did yourself. I have sorrow for the past cause of the understanding you have today, and great respect for your diligence in remembering the importance of the charitable and selfless acts of others and your desire to return that same to others in need today. Many people that have had similar experiences tend to forget how, sometimes, others just need a hand. It often has nothing to do with how hard they are trying, or the makeup of their character, sometimes people just need a hand. In the late 70's our entire economy went south, much worse than today. I was a Carpenter chasing work where ever work was. I lived 8 months in a tent in Colorado getting Gov. cheese and butter once a week and living on 3 doz eggs for a dollar and 3 loaves of bread for a dollar. Crap happens to people, I get it.
    Unfortunatly imalt is not unfounded with his frustrations. I, too, run a business and it astounds me today how so many think everything is a right and entitlement. We pay a wage that is quite sufficient to sustain a houshold and find it hard to understand the attitudes of some that don't like the 'demands' and 'responsabilities' of a good paying job. Too many, today, simply want a handout and too many others wish handouts were greater. it's ashame but a fact. I understand imalts anger but I'm quite certain Flash's thread was not directed at compassion for 'those' types of people.
    My wife and have a nice business, beautiful and healthy children and grandchildren, and compared to many that try hard, a perfect life. We are as thankful for what we have as anyone you will meet and recieve imense pleasure in helping those truly in need.
    Imalt, I'm not condeming you or your comments and I get your frustrations. You need to forget about the leeches on society and spend a little time learning about the truly needy. Those that need a little help now to get back to where they belong, and those that may really need help forever. There is a lot of those people out there and the gratification, and appreciation that you may receive in offering your assistance is beyond explanation, and often their benifit from a little help is beyond our understanding.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Appreciate what you have and give what you can.
  16. The long and short of it is there are good people and bad people and I believe far more good people are helped by the programs and charities than the bad people that take advantage of them, I know what you are talking about flash I have had the last three months away from work and the stress that comes with it, I have had the time to get to know my daughter better and to reconnect with my wife and freinds.

    It is not a new prespective that I have gained just one that I forgot about because the ratrace of life got in the way.
  17. ======================================================

    That is the best thing you have said so far. Hope you keep your promise.
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    Excellent thread and post Ben. And very timely for myself and my family.

    Everything in the way of criticism posted here could also be said for "some" single pregnant girls and women.
    But yesterday was my wife's birthday; and my two sons and I gave a support gift to a local pregnancy crisis center in her behalf.
    My wife loved the idea.

    Let's not allow those who are abusing the systems to keep us from offering some help to those truly in need.
  19. It is much better to be able to help than to receive help.

    KSU Flash - Your second post did something I would not have thought could happen. It outdid your first. You have realized you are in a position to help others because you have felt their pain. Now we must all act on that.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  20. Imalt. It's not that everyone dissagrees with you. It is just casting a negative shadow on a nice post. Another time, another thread.