Purple Hair Jigs With Stinger Hooks

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    i want to do some walleye fishing around the islands and off of the reefs this yr and i did a search on here for purple hair jigs. i got all the information i needed from here on ogf but i cant find what size stinger hooks u guys are useing. any info would be greatly appreciated
  2. i use number eights. you can get away with 6 or 10s but the eights works best. good luck!



    thanks for the reply
  4. I tie my own and use size 6 stingers.[​IMG]
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    Here are a few to look at. These are 3/8 1/2, 5/8 and a few 3/4 OZ hair jigs. The stingers are wire instead of line. These are all made by Ole Pete's

  6. What kind of hair do you guys use?
  7. I primarily use bucktail but will switch to synthetic or bunny strips.
  8. BIg Daddy I sure hope that fish was released since it is not a legal catch!!!!:)
  9. Legal or not, it was released. Lundy and I had our limit in about 10 minutes that day. It was a fun fishing extravaganza!
  10. What took so long to get your limit?:D I'm going to order some jigs this week from Ole Pete. Thinking about making my own but don't know where to start. Have some deer tails,can I use those?
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    thanks for the pictures and information everyone. im off to do my order with olepete. thanks again