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Pure Crap for OR cat people

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by jkeeney20, May 31, 2007.

  1. Was down at the local bait store and talked to a guy who said he was at the shawnee marina and seen a few large boats pull in with at least 400-500 catfish....All he said was over at least 15lbs...said they got rid of all the small ones....said he was standing there and they asked him if he wanted any of the larger ones that had torn up tails from guarding nest, said they would cause disease in his lakes or something...Talked to another guy about it and he said he seen them on the actual OR and was wondering what was going on...The guy said it was for a pay lake up near chillicothe.....Bunch of Bull S**t if you ask me....what do you guys think of this....someone said they got netting permission or liscence from the state of KY....I think its wrong myself! Just my 2 cents!
  2. unfortunatly we cant do much about it becasue KY still allows people to commercial fish the ohio. however i think i know wich paylake you are talking about, he is the only person that fishes the ohio part of the big o for paylakes, he is also the least ethical person i have ever met. he fishes up here because he is to cheap to get fish from down south where every other paylake gets there fish, i also think he will go out of buisness in a few years because he is the last paylake left (that i know of) that still pushes the legal boundries on where he gets his fish, hopefully soon the dnr will bust him

  3. If they have permission from Ky,don't they have to exit the river from Ky? I fish the Marina a lot but never saw anything like that. Were you at Ol Dads Or what bait shop?
  4. I have catfished for 12 years,7 by boat. It was nothing to catch 10 to 15 cats a night a couple 20 lb and if lucky a 30 or 40 lb. Now 3 to 6 fish in this pool is a good night. Commercial fishing has RAPED the OR ,Maysville is proof of that. Cabelas king kat tournament coming to town in August hope to find a honey hole soon, away from the commercial fishing!
  5. Look the only thing you can do is cut there nets when you see them on the river.
  6. Check your Ohio fishing regulations, it states (& cautions) that in certain areas of the river you must also comply with KY fishing restrictions, or WV, (depending on the section of the river your fishing). In the opposite, KY requires KY folks to comply with Ohio fishing laws on the river. If an Ohio DNR person was there, they would've been busted. Their story regarding a KY commercial fishing license reeks of a lie.
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    Just think of this way, every paylake in the ohio river region stocks around 2,000 lbs of catfish EVERY week, EVERY paylake!! Some actually stock several times a week.

    Of those 2,000 pounds, some are farm raised channels, some are wild channels while 100% (If I'm wrong about the 100% part, I'm sorry) of the blue and flathead catfish are wild, taken by whatever means they are taken.

    I don't think I've ever heard of a blue or flathead farm :confused:

  9. There are legal netters working the Portsmouth area, I've talked with them.
    One of two things needs to happen. It either needs to be illegal to sell to a pay lake or most likely the lakes should have to post signs, warning folks about the pcb's and mercury in the fish. They have no idea that the fish is highly contaminated.
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    It states in the ODNR fishing regulations that it is illegal to transport fish from one body of water to another in the state of Ohio. If these guys are really taking fish from the river to a paylake, it should be an easy enough case to settle. It sounds to me like some state employees are getting their wallets fattened to turn a blind eye.
  11. The easiest way to protect the catfish population would be to put creel or size limits or both on the Ohio River. Right now you can keep as many as you want as big or small as you want. I always thought it was a contradiction of the law that they were allowed to stock fish in a pay lake from the Ohio River since you aren't supposed to transport fish between bodies of water. I don't care if they are private lakes, many are close to streams, rivers, or other lakes. All it takes is a dam to break or a flood and those fish are in public water. Its a shame what people are "legally" allowed to do sometimes.

  12. u,r right i know of one such person tha ownes a pay lake that fishes(NETS) the ohoi river. the vilage of Moscow ran him off there ramp last summer.
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    with a new governor sitting in the statehouse(plus the fact that he's from southern ohio),it might be a good time for the members from this site to talk to their representives about making this practice illegal.
    i'm not a catter but i see nothing fair about these pay lake owners being allowed to take from state waters.
  14. frankly with how little patlakes actually affect OUR waters i dont care that they exsit, this is probably the last guy getting them from the ohio up this far all the fish come from down south. i always think where are all those paylakers gonna fish if theres no paylakes, theres enough beer cans, trash, and jerks on the river already and there are thousands of guys fishing those paylakes, now im not saying all of them are that stereotype but i think there would be more damage done by a bunch of fresh people out on the river keeping every flathead they catch to show it off or put it in thier pond, than by letting two lakes in alabama get overfished while we can still get out to a quiet section of river. if your mad about the one guy fishing the ohio part of the ohio river than figure out a way to ban commercial fishing in the section no matter who you are lisenced by.. also dont cut the nets c'mon, lets have the trap float down the river, and what if that trap net was set by orsanco, the odnr, some researcher trying to do studies on how commercial fishing effects us. im sorry i just get sick of the paylake crap, they dont ohio's lakes and if you dont like them show off the big cats you are catching without having to pay $12 for a ticket and $10 for bait after the gas you spent to get there, thats what will shut down the paylakes, no demand
  15. The biggest thing you guys need to understand is that ODNR has absolutely nothing to do with the matter of commercial fishing on the Ohio River. It doesn't matter what side of the river they are launching at. They only way you have to abide by the Ohio laws is if you hold only an Ohio licenses or are bank fishing the Ohio side. Like it or not they are fishing legally by Kentuckys laws. So you would need to start there not here. On the matter of not transporting fish from one body of water to another in Ohio. That would hurt everyone in the state. No one would be allowed to stock their private ponds or would the state be allowed to stock anything into public waters. Until other states find a reason to change their laws this situation is not going to change. And for the most part it doesn't look like they are working too hard at changing anything anytime soon.
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    If you catch fish with the intent to resell the fish a sampleing of the fish has to be sent to the FDA in Arkansas.The fish has to meet standards or they can`t be resold.If you put fish in a pay lake your intention is to sell the fish.I would bet this step has not been taken.I think it is a federal offence??If you know this guys name and his business name give the FDA a call what do you have to lose.Its public info and they have to tell you hell check there web site you might be able to report him there??The transportation of fish is fuzzy but it doesn`t sound kosher to me.I met some commercial fisherman on the OR one day and what they do is when they send there fish to be tested they use the very small ones because the young fish are not as contaminated as the larger older fish.Think about that next time you fish a pay lake and keep a catfish to eat..This dope could be posining people.:mad:Perfectly legal???Nobody is perfect..
  17. According to ODNR - It IS illegal to move one from one body to another.


    -It is unlawful to buy or sell any fish taken by angling from any water area in the state where an Ohio Fishing License is required.

    -It is unlawful to transport and introduce any aquatic species (fish, inverte-brate, plant) from one body of water to another.

    Now whether this covers private water - don't know.

    Both Il and Ky allow commercial netting in the Ohio - but so far I haven't found the exact rules.
  18. The ODNR laws do not apply to putting fish into private waters. This is why you do not need a fishing licenses to fish in a private pond. But if the pond has a stream that flows out of it that fish can use to migrate in and out of, then the states laws apply to it.
  19. No, it's not. It states it's illegal to intruduce from one body of water to another. There's a difference.