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  1. The beagle is almost 2 years old. He is pure bred (without papers) The breader gave me the paper work to register him, but I am not into that so I never did. He is house broken, very well trained and mannered. He is NOT a hunting dog. He is a house pet, crate trained. Although he loves the outdoors. My wife and I are going through some problems and I do not have the time to care for him the way he deserves. During the week he spends most of the day caged, only out for a few hours a day to eat, and relieve himself. I have no control over this as I can not be home to do anything about it.

    He is GREAT with children, likes other dogs. Enjoys camping, fishing and just being around people. I would even be willing to PAY for him to go to a loving home, possibly with small children to play with him.

    If you are looking for a dog, or to add to your family you will not find a better pet then my Simon. It is with a very heavy heart that I type this. I just know he would be happier with a family that can treat him the way he deserves. Let me know if anyone is interested.


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    Simon is a nice lookin' beagle! I had a beagle as a kid. These are great dogs and good with children. You are doing the right thing by not being selfish and finding him a good home where he can run and be active. Good Luck!