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  1. Anyone have info on the fish attractors at Punderson...What are they?...Where are they (specificly)...I have seen on some of the other ODNR lake maps that they tell you what (material made from) and where they are( gps coordinates) Is it worth even trying to find them at PUND? How would you fish them? WE would be grateful for any help....Thanks, Steve
  2. I don't think there is any fish attractors at punderson. Try calling the bait shop for punderson.

  3. The map I have describes them as "fishing devices" There are a total of 5 of them in the lake. Alot of the other lake maps online also show these same types of fish attractors....Anyone have some ideas on this?

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  4. Christmas tree's maybe, just a guess.
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    Or old picnic tables..........Mark
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    I remember seeing those on that map 30 years ago. I'm guessing they're long gone by now.

    What I really wanna know is;

    Does anybody know how to fish the deeper water at Punderson for trout in the summer???
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    I would like to know the same thing.
  8. Judging by the map the 3 close to shore wouldn't even be fishable because there are so many weeds and pads on the lake now. As far as targeting the trout in the summer you gotta hit them real early or around dusk. If your after them during the day you better be trolling deep or using powerbait just off of the bottom.
  9. The best way to get the trout during the summer during the day in the deeper water is to put 2 small split shots about a foot and a half away from your hook. Put on some power bait and go to the drop offs where it goes from 20 ft to 60 feet. Cast your line down on the shallower side of the drop off and drift the drop off all the way down into the deeper pool while bouncing the power bait off the bottom. This can be tricky b/c you will pick up some weeds but it is the best way I have found.
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    I havent fished for trout there in 5 or 6 years but I use to fish bigger pin mins and maggots with two large shot where the deeper holes are in the lake. It ain't rocket science and it doesnt always work but we usually got a few fishing right over the side