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  1. Went trout fishing on Sunday at Punderson in my boat. Fished along the beach and the dropoff by the pier next to the beach. Had a few bites but didnt catch a thing. Saw some huge trout jumping and that made the trip worth while. Fish all over the drop off but couldnt get them to bite.

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    I was there Sunday also on the peir by the camp grounds not one hit saw a few jumping though.

  3. Was there Sat. missed the one and only hit I had.
  4. Marshall, saw you out there this past weekend. Nice boat man!! Don't mean to sound like I'm a great fisherman (I got skunked too) but the next time you try using one kernel of corn for trout you might want to use a smaller hook. I noticed that the hook you were using was maybe a 4/0 or 5/0. Try going alot smaller next time. Might have better luck. Maybe I'll see you next weekend. Good luck!!
  5. mark34 thanks for the tip! That was actually my buddy and I told him to use a smaller hook. I think he was just bored and trying new things. I mainly used power bait and a jig and maggott.