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  1. Fished punderson for an hour today got about 10-15 gills and had a trout, or a nice bass break off at the hole. I couldn't get a good look at it but it was dark in color. Looked like a 12-13" gill at first, but I'm betting on a trout or bass.
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    How thick was the ice?

  3. I'm not entirely sure but I'm thinking 8". not as mush as ladue has.
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    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    Shoot I knew I forgot something - How much snow is on the lake?
  5. I was shocked to find only a little dusting on the lake.
  6. was back out today the bite was slow. I'll be at Eastbranch tomorrow
  7. Be more than a dusting of snow by tomorrow afternoon...If they know what they are talking about.....Jim...
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    it must have snowed at least 4" overnight in cleveland and its still coming down.