Punderson Trout Derby

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  1. Went to check out the derby at Pund.
    Good amount of kids fishing and catching the Rainbows off the docks. Any one know what to use to catch the leftovers from today as they start to move out into the main part of the Lake? Do you target the same typical bass areas? What to use and how deep to fish? Planning to try it Tues evening, but not sure where and what to use. Any help?
  2. ezsteve51, I am going out tomorrow morn in the boat. I will be trying the outskirts of the docks as well as the beach. I will be using jig and maggott, and powerbait. May try minnows as well. I will let you know if I did any good. Good luck!

  3. Thanks Marshal, actually I might go out early Sun morn, try from the docks...will post good or bad
  4. Just got back from Pund. fished from the docks, looked to be about 20 or so people fishin' Zero for me, my son got 3 trout, guy next to us got 5, all in about 2 hrs. Mostly were caught on Berkley's Power baits. Will try again on Tues.
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    I've had luck in the past with a night crawler on the bottom.
  6. Have fished for them with Ice Spoons tipped with wax worms and maggots...and have used small plain hooks with can corn kernels...
    :) ...GOOD FISHING GUYS...
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  7. went out today did very well on the trout and crappies in 10 feet of water. I even managed a nice 22"er.
  8. Was out there Sunday morning as well. Caught a limit of fish. Got a nice 23" one on my first cast about 5 seconds after it hit the water. Caught that one on orange powerbait, and caught the rest on minnows. Only fished 2 hrs. Cast into the weeds as this is where I caught all of them. Ezsteve51, I was the one in the 16.5' crestliner boat and launched around 7:30. Probably the largest boat out there as there is not much room to launch. I saw the people on the docks were doing pretty good. One guy was reeling one after another. Caught all of ours in the weedbeds around the campground dock.
  9. Saw you launch, nice boat! Glad to hear ya did good. My son and I will either hit Pund. Tues. after work, or hit the Mentor Lagoons for Crappie. He lives about a mile from the Lagoons.
  10. Hey marshal were you in a black crestliner with another guy? I'm pretty shure I saw you.
  11. Yes, that was me. Silver and Black Crestliner. That was my buddies vehicle as I drive a Dodge Ram but it was his turn to drive. I had the cammo hat on. Where were you Peple?
  12. I was the boat that launched right after you, and came in at the same time. I lost my keys for like 5 minutes after taking my trolling motor off. I had the Sea Nymph with the read and white seats.