Punderson 4-20-08

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  1. As some of you know punderson was stocked on the 19th. I got out the next morning around 7:30 in the morning, there was already quite a bit of people there. Took out the boat, had a hard time launching, if you were their it would have been comical. I fished around w/ powerbait under a bober for a hour didnt catch anything so I decided to saitch to a small 1/60 oz marabou jig, that was the ticket, in 10 FOW. first couple of casts a 11 1/2 inch crappie, then a couple of trout and another crappie. I had around 7 either hit'n miss or shake off, I wasnt setting the hook hard enough. I was about to leave and put my rod down and put somethine away. when I picked it up there was a nice 22" rainbow on the other end, it had me running all around my boat. as soon as i netted it i cleaned up and began to head in. Here are some pics. Enjoy!!
  2. Peple, I was on my way in and saw you reeling that nice rainbow in. Looked like fun trying to net that sucker. Your bag looks very similar to the mine did. The trout were fiesty, as I thought they put up a pretty good fight. Nice job! I do remember you now, you parked behind us after we came in and were getting our trailer tied down.

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    great pics pep, thats a real nice fish.
  4. ya, it was a lot of fun drag screeming, running around a cluttered boat. :D I went back out today got 2 in and had 2 get off. I had one hit my jig 3 times in a row. I would set the hook and it poped out droped it back down about a foot hit again, did the same thing again, after the thrid he finaly decided he didn't want to be caught, also saw a hawk get a nice trout, almost couldent carry it.