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  1. I work in the Engineering Consulting Field, doing AutoCAD drafting, and lil bit of design work here and there for the last 7 years. I must admit, I get my job done, but I'm far from being a work horse.

    I arrive at between 8 and 9:30 am, not consistantly at any one time. Some days I get here at 8:15, the next day I get here at 9... I'm a loser like that. Then when Lunch comes around, I'm usually rockin' out a hour plus lunch hour. Sometimes I'll take 90 minutes for lunch if we go to KAHOOTS to eat. To tops things off, I usually leave at 5pm on the dot, work a total of 7 hours a day on a LONG DAY. I also spend the majority of my day posting on the OGF or checking for celebrity pictures on Egotastic/Hollywood Tuna. This doesn't even cover my dress code issues. I usually wear my ripped up Gap Jeans, a wrinkled t-shirt, and for this whole week I've worn flip flops everyday. I also take around 10 cigarette breaks a day as well, and when I drop a duece here, I'm taking a minimum of 30 minutes. Hey, I'm getting paid to smoke and poop. ONLY IN AMERICA.

    Today, the owner calls me in his office, tells me to close the door. In my head, I'm like OH MY! I'm busted, it's never good to get called in the office the day before a holiday break. I'm thinking... PINK SLIP TIME.

    He starts talking to me, telling me how I bust my butt, get all my work done ahead of time, and always work sundays to get my job done. He tells me I'm getting a raise and more responsibility. He also told me if all Employees had a work ethic like me, they could avoid a lot of problems.

    So in the end, I walked away with 3500 more dollars per year, and now two students are directly below me.... Explain that to me..
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    Hey Benny,
    You don't work for the state govt. do you?:p What's your boss' email address so we can send him a link????;)

  3. I'll up you one 5Cent. My boss tells me to pad my timesheet, so they can bill more hours on certain projects. So I get around 8-12 hours of overtime each check I don't even come close to earning :p

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    Don't forget about those TPS reports!!!!!!




  5. "Hey Peter Man! Check out this chick on Channel 9!!!"

    GREAT MOVIE if you haven't seen it. Even better if you work in an office!!!

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    its all about getting it done.

    i worked in manufacturing for a bit and could doo the work of three people easily. said they should leave the others at home, have me come in and work four hours instead of twelve and just pay me for the twelve. they promoted me instead.
  7. thats the truth. get the job done, then slack. That's what I live by.
  8. That's the kind of job i need. i'm a mechanic working flat rate. most of the time i do decent, but like today i came in at just before 8, it's now 2:30 and i've got 3hrs. If i don't get any other cars to work on, that's all I'll be paid for. So, what's the address to where u work, I need to know where to drop off my application.
  9. My uncle turns wrenches for a living. HARD WORK, and that's REAL WORK.

    Have any engineering experience? we're currently looking for one Senior Electrical Engineer(PE only) and one Mechanical (plumbing/HVAC/Fire Pro) Engineer and/or designer with atleast 4 years A.CAD experience in the field.
  10. You guys still using ACAD or 3D? That would be a PITA to do HVAC/Fire Safety Systems with.
  11. yeah. we still rock out the old school 2-d AutoCAD. Just now got 2007 updates, when it's 2008.......:confused:

    Couple guys got trained in 3d revit. But our work is not going to use it, don't know why, they just didn't like the program.
  12. Nope. But Simplex is less than a mile from my office. I work at a small engineering consulting firm (less than 40 employees). We do mostly commerical MEP design work. Like the project I just got done, it was for R Bar. We also do a lot of work for OSU, Nationwide's Child Hospital, Columbus Zoo, and the City of Columbus are our biggest clients and cash cows. :p
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    Come on, guys, this many replies and no one has pointed out the scene where he guts a fish in his cubicle?
  15. Classic...... i remeber those days of woking about 4 hours day....

    them days are gone now..... oh well...

    i guess, nice job Benny.??? keep it up???..LOL

  16. The post was a joke. I really got a raise, but my description of my day wasn't 100% on the dot. Don't get me wrong, I have some slow days, like today, but most times I'm pretty SLAMMED.

    Our office is known kinda as a sweat shop, we pound the jobs out. At the same time, the owners take care of their employees.
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    Gotta love when the owners take care of the employees, I remember those days!! New management sucks! Keep up the good work Benny!
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    I was hoping this was going to be about imbezzlement and ultimately arson. Big let down.

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    I actually used to have to do weekly TPS reports. Stood for "Tracking, Part#, Serial #". We went out of our way to design them that way. Love that movie!
  20. Don't make me send "Terrible Terry Tate" office linebaker after you fools!!!