Pulaski, NY Oct 18-20

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    I made my annual salmon trip with my buddy from CT. Boy, there weren't many fish in the river this year. There were a couple pools loaded with ratty fish, but very few clean fish.

    Lets see, on day 1, my waders leaked like a sieve (add $120 to trip for new waders). In the late afternoon of day 2, I snagged a small tree limb, gave a tug to snap off leader... in the meantime the entire large branch breaks off and falls into the current, snapping my flyrod in the meantime (add another $100+ for a budget flyrod).

    On day 3, finally landed 2 nice fish. One was a hen pushing 30 lbs. The other was about 22. Both nice, clean fish. Of course, they are supposed to be getting the needed rain for a fresh run this week.
  2. Was that a 30# fish on a fly rod? Cann't even imagine how much fun that would be!!!!!

    We have awesome fishing in this area. Erie for eyes, sm,steel. StClair for muskie. Ontario for killer salmon/trout. All a few hours drive. Lucky we are.

  3. BrianSipe17

    BrianSipe17 Brilliant!

    The bigger fish was caught plugging, on a heavy rod. The 22 lb'er was on fly