Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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    I just got back from a great vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This has to be one of the greatest areas to vacation. We got to do rappelling, mountain hiking, snorkeling, Mule riding up mountain paths, zip lineing and deep sea fishing. We went out on the Giselle with Mike's Fishing Charters. Most of the fish we caught on the charter boat were smaller and I am not sure what types they were. We did land a 7'2" beautiful sailfish. From a weight calculator I found online it's approximate weight was 56#. I can't take all the credit because since it was the only large fish we caught 3 of us all took a turn reeling it in. I will get some pictures of the other fish up as well. Anyone that will be in the area I would highly recomend you getting in contact with Fernando Tejeda at fermategui@hotmail.com All of the crew were great and felt like old friends by the end of the day. I am hoping to go back out with them next winter.

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  2. Nice fish Dale. Looks and sounds like a good time.

  3. Yum... Pelagic Billfish
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    Nice catch...the other smaller fish were skipjack tuna. Were you using them as bait? The big blue marlin and stripe marlin around there love those as snacks.

    Good job and great photos.
  5. The crew saved a few of the smaller skipjack tuna for their lunch. The cooked them using lime juice and mixed with fresh chopped up vegetables. I tried a little and was suprised how tasty and tender it was.