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Public Golf Course in Cleveland

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by archman, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. What is a good public course in Cleveland, preferably on the east side? I'm looking to get my dad a round of golf for his birthday.
  2. Dingo


    Depends on his skill level, but Manakiki Golf Course [Willoughby Hills
    (440) 942-2500] on the upper east side is a nice course for a fair greens fee. Has a country club feel in a public course. Tee times are taken no more than five days in advance.

    Further to the east on 90, and more expensive, is Quail Hollow. Another very nice course.

  3. Thanks Dingo, I'll give them a call. He's a pretty good golfer, was a golf coach at my h.s for 30 years.
  4. Agree, 'Kiki is a nice course.
    Other favorites in no order.
    Pine Ridge- Metroparks course.
    Thunder Hills- South Carolina feel to it. Far East-Madison
    Wicked Woods- Geauga County
    Bang for the buck- Grandview Country Club (public) in Middlefield.
    Mon & Fri only. All day golf with cart. $25 per person
  5. Dingo


    Go to for internet reservation of tee times for Manakiki up to five days in advance. If further south, sleepy hollow is a lot of fun, with some great scenery and a good challenge. Same 5-day rule applies there as well.

    Thunder hill? Bring your waders. Tons of water there. Fun course though.
  6. I love Thunder Hill. Last time I played it, the owner and a worker were
    jiggin for bass fingerlings for an order going out to one of the metroparks.

    One perk about Grandview, East Branch Reservoir is right across the street. Golf first, evening fishing second.