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Public Fishing, Sammers RD.

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Daduru, Aug 30, 2004.

    Does anyone have any info on this place? I drive past it all the time between trips to cleveland and toledo while driving on 80, and I see someone fishing there all the time. It has one of those ohio parks signs, so I know its public fishing. Its probably a little bigger than yondota im guessing from the quick glances ive been able to take of it. Any info would be appreciated. I'll be hitting it up this week sometime and Ill give everyone an update.....
  2. Aldrich Pond --- Thats what you are seeing. It's in Sandusky county. You are correct it is open to the public. Don't know much about it. I have never fished it. I'm pretty much a walleye fisherman, not many eyes in such a small pond.
    I'm sure someone from the Fremont area can tell you what kinds of fish are in it. And how to get there, I do know that the DNR guys stock this pond. I seen them do it when I was working on 80.
    A little more info on Aldrich pond. I went to Ohio sportsman's Atlas for the info.
    Aldrich Pond, 5 ac. of land, 35 ac. of water, shore fishing, electric motors only, boat ramp, hunting area.

    There is a phone number, don't have a clue as to who's it is, I assume it is for more info, anyway here it is 419-424-5000

    This much I do know about the pond, it's not very deep, a lot of weeds. I could see the wedbed from the Turnpike when I worked on it.

  3. irishfisherman

    irishfisherman Da' Irish Guy

    Where abouts are you talking about? I cant tell from the map...
  4. Irish ---- Zoom out on Daduru's map until you see (Toledo) someplace that you know.
  5. irishfisherman

    irishfisherman Da' Irish Guy

    Hey Blue Pike, thanks for letting me know the name of the place, I know Dadru posted a map, but i couldnt tell where exactly he was referring too, can you get to it off the turnpike or is there a better route to take.. ??
  6. WLB

    WLB Northern Ohio Fisherman

    2 miles NW of Lindsey Ohio, off US 20 on Sommers Road (TR 149) is probalay the best way to get there.
    I've fished it with a jon boat and from the bank. Like someone else said, it's Very weedy, but if you know how to fish weeds you can get some bass, bluegills and there's a few pike still in there. Personally I wouldn't drive very far to fish it.
  7. Went fishing there today, got one 12 inch cat, and a couple blue gill. Nothing worth the drive. Used twister tails, crawlers, and senkos. No LM. Saw a couple 20-30 inch carp basking in the afternoon sun. I wont go back there unless for hunting not fishing.