Pt Breeze, NY

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  1. Lundy

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    Started to get excited!

    Heading over to Point Breeze, August 18 - 22. I love fishing over there. As much as I enjoy walleye there is nothing to compare with those king salmon in freshwater

    This year will be especially fun. Hetfieldinn, Shortdrift. EE and I think Ying 6 will also be there fishing at the same time. We are all staying at the same place.

    I'll try and take plenty of action pics of the boys:)

    This should be fun.
  2. NewbreedFishing

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    Man that sounds fun!! Never caught salmon from a boat before.
    Great group of anglers ...the fish should be hurting!

    tear em up :B

  3. krustydawg

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    Holy crap, Pt. Breeze will never be the same after a visit from that crew !:D Good luck, I'm sure it will be a blast. Take lots of pictures
  4. Just Ducky

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    Good luck Lundy and crew.

    I am heading to Olcott the following weekend.
  5. fugarwi7

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    Good Luck Men!!! Save a few for me as I arrive there on Aug 22nd and fish through the 25th. I won't get to see your pictures until I return but I will look for your names on the LOC Derby board...hope to see them on there!
    Tight Lines and Big Runs!!!! Gotta Love that screamin' drag with a large king strippin' line...Just don't catch one too big...I want a shot at the 20K!! :D
  6. where are you guys getting your license? Online or when you get there? thanks
  7. I can't wait. I hope we get some decent weather. I have a new digital camera, and I'll be snapping plenty of pictures. I've had some time to get more aquainted with my new downriggers, as well. I've been reading the daily fishing reports for that area. Right now the browns are really active in close, and the kings are biting just a mile or two out.

    Lundy: You have to try the Walker downrigger releases. GotOne recommended them to me, and they are sweet.
  8. fugarwi7

    fugarwi7 Lumberjack

    I hope you have a tripod...after bringing in a few 25#'rs, you won't be able to hold your camera steady enough to take a decent picture :D :D Hope that is the case...good luck!!! can get your license at Narby's at Point Breeze.
  9. Getting a license is easiest at narbys but they close at 9 and will shut off their computers early like 15 min befor closing, so if you need derby tickets you are SOL until 6 in the morning when they open and is too late for my liking to get the early bite.

    You can also get a license at walmart in Albion 24 hrs but they have NO SELECTION for salmon gear.

    We are going to be there the 22nd till sunday afternoon. I just hope Het and shorty leave some fish. Lundy told me they were gonna clean house on them so I should not have any luck but I never knew he was teaming up with real fisherman:)

  10. you can also purchase your license online before you go up there. saves the hassle of driving around and finding an open bait shop or store somewhere. the website is...

  11. I'm sure that there will be plenty of fish left. I've been up there dozens of times, but I've always gone out with a charter. I've never taken my own boat up, but I'm really looking forward to it. If each of us gets to reel in one fish a day, I would consider it a successful trip.

    We'll be arriving in town about one in the afternoon, so we'll have plenty of time to stop in at Narby's and Captains Cove to get licenses and stock up on the hot baits.
  12. Nothing but Jealousy here!! Man that sounds fun!! Hey it's good to see Ying6 is alive!! Be careful there Mike my daughter just told me she has you in 2 classes this year!! Lookout!;)
  13. fugarwi7

    fugarwi7 Lumberjack

    I will be there 6pm 8/22 and staying in a 4C's cabin until Sunday afternoon also...I have no name on my little boat (tan/black Crestliner), but I do have OGF stickers on it and my Tahoe. We are in a cabin close to the Black North, right on the river. Boat will be in a dock there. Hope I run into you while there!
  14. freyedknot

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    a friend of mine is there now and doing well.
  15. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member


    I see my reputation proceeds me:D

    I'll try and make sure that Shortdrift and Hetfield leave you at least a couple of fish for your trip. Where would you like them to leave your fish?:D

    All packed up and leaving early Saturday AM. This is a trip I always look forward to each year.
  16. I dug up some pictures from a trip a few years ago.

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  17. NewbreedFishing

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    be safe
    knock em dead guys!!!
    :B :B :B
  18. Really looking forward to this trip. Have caught many Kings in the Niagra but never on the lake. Off to bed and up at 5AM.
  19. Het,
    looks like one of the pix you dug up is of Capt. John Visich of the Release! A premier charter from Point Breeze!