Pt Breeze N.Y. (Lake Ontario)

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  1. Fish friday, sat, Tried sunday. Friday we got a late start ofter some thundershowers and a baitshop that closes at 9 but really that is 20 minutes early:( We caught 4 kings a brown and a few shakers. Two of the kings were nice one was just under 24 and the other was around 20-22. We got blown off the lake around noon. It laid down and we fish the last hour and a half with only a shaker to show for it.

    Sat morn the weather was nice and we got out about 5:30. We had consistant action until about 9 am then it was a fish an hour grind with alot of nice fish lost on the wire dipseys:( We ended up with 7 nice fish and 3 in the 22-24 range. We got rained out around 3.

    Sunday woke up at 4 to get out early put in at 5 and started down the river thinking what a beutiful morning. Rounded the breakwalls to find a guy in a larger boat coming in? Called him on the radio to find out it was rough we attempted to run out to the depth we had been fishing. I make it about 2 miles offshore and told the crew we were done it was no good. I kept thinking how it is the captains call if he does not feel comfortable, well I was fine running but everytime I thought about setting lines and reaching out to set a rigger made me call it a trip. It was a tough call with today being the last day of the LOC summer derby.

    Fished 120-200 fow with 14-145 being best. Wirw divers on 2 back 260-300, with flasher flys. Riggers were 85 and 110 with fixed slider at 90. All spoons mostly fishlander easter egg and other glows.

    Had fun but with a great forcast then lousy weather it was a little disappointing. These trips are great but really getting harder as I miss my family after a few days but the kids are to young to bring along yet.

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    Been there done that!

    I get blown off less there than I do on Erie however.

    I hope the fish are shallower when we go over Aug18-22

    What was with the wire line lost fish? Early in the fight or later? We lose a bunch in the first few seconds. If they stay one for that first run we are normally OK.

    Where did you clean your fish?

  3. Kim the first batch in the back of the boat in 200 fow. On sat the city park had the cleaning staion open just south of 4-Cs near the underpass to the highway. It was nice as they have a grinder no trip back out to dispose.

    I also read the regs on the ride home and they suggest no consumption of any fish in Lake O but for browns and lakers and rainbows under 21 inches but there is a 21 inch limit n steel??? Now what do I do with this cancer causing fish;)

    Kim these fish came unbuttoned after at least 10 minutes in battle. I am going to switch my rods to 10 ft. My 8 ft had no leverage with all that line out. I was getting pretty upset with the crew after dropping 3 in a row so I took one and guess what happened:( I sat down told Tom he was captain and drank a few to calm down.
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    I've talked to the NY DEC about the fish advisory before.

    Their testing is done with a whole fish, or that is what I was told. They suggested trimming all dark fatty meat and removing the lateral line area(which I have always done anyway) and all (off the record) should be good
  5. Well, I 'll be heading up there for 10 days starting this friday, glad to hear the fishing was good! Like the inshore bite with browns mixed in with kings!!
    As far as the fish advisories, you really need to do your homework. Lundy is right on again!!! They grind the whole fish! Now I am no Grizzly bear despite what people say and I filet the fish. Contaminates are oil binding, therefore the oilier the fish, the higher levels. Thats why Lakers are so far up the list.
    I do not know if you remember the battle between Michigan and the feds reguarding the method of testing, but the feds cut the funding until they reposted the warnings in thier handbook again. Remember.. "Hi, I am from the government and I am here to help you!" Now that scares me!!
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    Scott...did you try taking the snubbers off your divers and just use your flouro leader? Maybe you are getting too much give with them on...I have only fished with wire a half a dozen times, but never with snubbers and don't recall losing too many fish...but also always on 10' rods!! Just a thought.