PSE bow, White river inflatable pontoon

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    Cleaning out.

    First I have a PSE beast bow, was a great first bow but I upgraded this past year and now somebody else needs to use it. It is probably 7 years old I replaced the string & cables this past year and then decided to get a new one. Its probably 34" axle to axle, pulls about 60-65 pounds and I have a 29" draw. I also stole the sight off it for my new bow so youll have to come up with a new sight but the bow, whisker biscuit and tru-fire release can all go for $180 if interested.
    Next I have a bass pro white river 8 fot or so inflatable pontoon. Ive used it a couple times around here but mostly it sits so its going for $180 to if anyone is interested. Its blue and grey there are no holes or patches. It comes with oars, air pump, foot flippers, and a few attachable gear bags.

    Pickup only in Cincinnati / Hamilton area. Pics of the boat are on my pictures page otherwise call if interested. Chris 513-235-9670 Thanks