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  1. Expect to see T. Pryor announce for Ohio State by the weekend. I have a very reliable source with connections to the athletic department that leaked me the news that OSU received a signed letter of intent Sunday afternoon and that he plans to announce by the weekend.

    This source has never been wrong and he sends me text messages regarding recruits and players returning several days in advance.

    Lets all hope he lives up to the hype and we develop him into a mega star.
  2. Amen to that!! I hope his character is better than the press has been suggesting lately with the altercations on the basketball court. He certainly seems to have the physical attributes to become a big time star if he stays focused. And it seems that OSU should be able to provide as good of a platform for him to get there as any other. So I hope he does choose tOSU but if he doesn't then I wish him well and the Buckeye Nation will still live strong.

    I heard them mentioning yesterday on the radio that he had it narrowed to 2 schools but I didn't hear what 2 they were. I just know that they implied that which 2 schools were in the final list may surprise you. I assume that list was OSU and who????

  3. The kid is just withholding data from the media. He has already talked to Jo Pa and let him know PSU is out. He was on campus and didn't even bother to visit - that says it all. His final 2 were TOSU and UM. He needs to talk to RR and let him know before he makes the public announcement.

    I don't think he is near as bad as the public perceives. He did his best not to disrespect PSU and not to distract the b-ball team while playing there for the state final. He wants to talk it over with RR before going public. And, while it still may be wrong, there were members in the crowd and reportedly a kid on the opposing b-ball team calling him racial slurs. There aren't many 18 year old kids that could hold back under those circumstances; I know I would have gone wild when I was that age in the same scenario. His teammates came to his defense and his coach tried to hold him back knowing what would result if he got in the thick of it.
  4. I had heard fairly recently that he is leaning toward playing only football in college. Is that still the story on him?
  5. I'm still not sure how to take him. With all the media coverage and hype about him and him not signing when everyone else did really made him look sef-centered and cocky. He says he didnt have time to think about it and it would not have been fair to his high school football and basketball teams to be thinking about college and he really hates all the attention. Sounds like a great answer and I really hope he is as humble as he trys to make himself out to be. The last thing I want to see is another Clarette no matter how good he is.
  6. bkr - he won't be playing b-ball unless there is some kind of remarkable turn around. He is good enough for sure, but he is realizing that FB at a major program and trying to prepare himself for play on Sundays is a full time year round job - let alone the school work which is tough. The average ACT score for incoming freshmen at OSU is up to a whopping 28.2! The curve was bad enough when I was there in the late 90's and at that time anybody with a decent highschool trasnscript could get in for undergrad studies.

    I think the public in general thinks these athletes have it easy, when in fact it is very, very tough to get through class and compete in athletics.

    Although B. Hartline is doing ok on the track team this year running high hurdles. He was a big time high hurdle runner back in highschool and he does well in the classroom, so he decided to give it a go. He placed in the indoor meet a couple weeks ago.
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    Thats part of whats wrong with our athletic kids today. A 17 or 18 year old kid shows he has some skills and people start talking about how he'll do in the pros. The kid starts getting treated " diffrently" from other kids, and turns into an a-hole. Let the kid be a kid. He wants to enjoy his senior year of high school with his teammates. Everybody in the nation is praising him to a point of harassment. He's not a premadonna like MC. That guy was made to feel he could walk on water and he actually believed it. Let TP be a teenager and enjoy his time with his class, with class. He'll make his decision. Let him be sure of what he really wants to do. OSU or UM will get a good kid, that will learn how to become an adult at either school. AND he may become an exceptional athlete on the way there. PS... i'm not pointing the finger at ANYONE personally, so dont take it that way. Basically talking about our kids in general.
  8. Is that number correct??:eek: If so that is an incredible average. I was thinking that the requirement was only like 20? A student with a 28+ could have qualified for many academic scholarships as well not that they will need to.

    I was listening to the Columbus talk radio just a few minutes ago and they were discussing some similar reports indicating that he may be headed to tOSU. They said that they had a reliable source telling them that several of the incoming recruits who had already committed were telling them that TP has decided and they were 95% sure that he was coming to town. I think with stories floating around like this he will have to make a public statement real soon.
  9. 28.2 ACT is directly out of the April 2008 Alumni magazine. It was > 27 last year. They are working hard to get TOSU into the top 10 public schools in the nation - that is the goal & although it is lofty they have made huge strides the last 4-5 years.

    That's what makes it so funny when Notre Dame homers (I work with dozens of ND grads) complain that they can't hang with other programs due to academic standards. I am also quick to point out they have had 3 straight top-10 rated recruiting classes. They just don't have anybody in place to develop and coach the talent. Although it looks like Charlie made a good hire for both offense and defense this year and I expect if he can stay out of the way we will see big improvement from them the next couple seasons.

    And I agree, he won't be able to withhold the announcement much longer as the word is traveling fast. I suspect he has already let some of the other players at OSU know he is coming to C-bus. It is a done deal, now we just have to wait for his announcement!

    Ha - not a few minutes after typing this I found the news that he has a press conference scheduled for noon tomorrow. Welcome to the Buckeye family!
  10. Hope that youre right fishnfool. I know that Boeckman is the starter, but I hope that we"ll see him and Beanie in the backfield together a few times this year.
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    Here's the numbers.
  12. espn just announced he would say wednesday who he signed with.
  13. I guess like his press conference is at 12 noon ladies and gents.
  14. I misunderstood you when I read that originally. I thought you were saying that the incoming freshmen football players averaged a 28.2. In fact it looks like that is the university's average. That is still a very impressive statistic but at least now it is much more believable.;) I know that their entrance requirements any more are very high. I know a kid who graduated last year with a 4.0 and I believe he scored rather well on the ACT. I can't remember the number but I am thinking he was around 23-24. He applied and was not accepted in to the main campus. He was able to get in at one of the branches though. I agree that OSU seems to have a very solid academic reputation.

    I heard that announcement for the press conference later in the afternoon yesterday and got a bit of a chuckle from that. As we were saying there is no way they can keep it quiet now.
  15. He just announced that it wil be Ohio State.
  16. Well, it's all officially over now. Let's hope the newspaper's give up the articles after another week of beating it to death.

    bkr - I wish our FB team had an avg ACT of 28.2. While it has climbed under the vest it can't be anywhere near that. I would expect only Ivy league schools could be near that number for a FB program.
    If you ever want news on recruits or something they won't spill to the public, pm me and I'll do my best. There is a lot that goes on behind closed doors, or is misrepresented by the media - that's all I'll say.

    Bring on spring ball!!!!
  17. I appreciate you sharing the info with us. As you say sometimes the story from the media can have a strange twist.

    I watched the press conference that he just had and I have to hand it to him. He handles himself very well in front of the camera. He sounds like a likable kid and seems very confident but didn't come off to me as cocky. Obviously only time will tell whether that perception is true.
  18. I am pumped about him running the zone read option with Beanie, Thomas or Saine back there with him.

    Things to consider as far as character....
    - He chose to sit and become a well rounded QB at OSU as opposed to an
    instant starter at UM.
    - A huge factor in his decision making was his fathers health and staying semi
    close so his dad didnt have to travel far to games.
    - He holds a 3.0 GPA which is great considering basketball, football and the
    recruiting circus.
    - He basically was mature enough to look 3-4 years down the road instead of
    6 months down the road.
  19. I did like his comment about coming in and being able to learn under a senior QB (Boeckman) and perhaps being able to play a "Tebow" role for the Bucks. I am not implying that they will or should go to a 2 QB philosophy. I will place confidence in Tressell to make that call. But what I really liked about it was to hear that he was not necessarily looking at himself as someone who was going to come to Columbus and take over the starting position right away. That suggests to me that although he has confidence in his abilities he also is level headed.