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Protection from the elements..

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by snake69, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. snake69

    snake69 Equal opportunity fishing

    I posted a link in the hot deals section for the new Pak Shak, a one man pull over shanty. For $99, I think it'd be hard to get that much protection for that little of a price unless you find a good used shanty. I know at this time of year, you see alot of posts for people looking for shantys, so I posted the link to this one from a company I've used at least a dozen times. Quick delivery time. I think they are in PA.
  2. Gander Mountain has something just like that for same price.

  3. That same shanty is at Dick's in North Olmsted for 79.99-- I almost positive, if not it was 89.99 I am 100% sure it was cheaper then at G.Mountain.. I looked at it, it's a nice little setup. It has a chair built in already and looks to be a quick shanty for doing a lot of moving around...

    I think I got lucky at Dick's the night I spotted that shanty.. I saw a Frabill venture that was a floor model.. It was last year's venture.. They had it marked at 200.00, then 169.99--then 149.99, After looking it over and having a good feeling about buying it, I noticed a small 1 inch tear in the canvass on the door. I pulled over a manager and asked what they would take off for the tear, she said we'll take $20 off- I then asked if I can apply this $20.00 off coupon, for a grand total of $118.00 after tax.... I went there looking for some odds and ends ice fishing gear and ended up with a new shanty.....FYI Dick's is on the light side right now with ice equipment---G.mountain has such a better selection....

    almost forgot--stopped at walmart right from Dick's and found a nylon patch kit for $2.00, got home and patched the tear, and also added more patch material to the corners of the shanty to where the most pressure was being put on from the frame stretching the material. Basically for extra added protection...