Protecting fish during photographs.

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  1. Is there something I could put down on the bank/rocks when I want to lay a fish on the ground to take a picture? I've heard there's some kind of soft netting I could get. I'm getting a bit concerned with fish flopping around ontop of rocks scraping slime off their bodies. I keep the fish out of the water maybe a maximum of 15-20seconds for a quick snapshot, but the less harm I inflict the better. Thanks in advance....
  2. easternflyfisher

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    just lip the fish. its bad to lay them on the ground period, grass is a bit better, but not much.

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    make a post in the carp section, they have it down to a science, they use special release mats for their fish...
  4. That works with small fish that fit into the entire picture, anything with size I have to stand back to take the picture. ;) I usually fish alone, so generally there's no one around to snap a picture for me.
  5. easternflyfisher

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    if you are using a digital camera, some of them have timers. its i think a 10 second timer i think on most cameras. i need to start using this feature to get my face in the picture :)
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    Thats my problem also. Usually fish alone and have no one to take photos. I have caught some really nice fish and only have the two "M,s" to show, Measurements and Memorys.
    Good luck Doegirl
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    Most of us carpers have followed our carping brothers from over-seas and started using these landing mats/unhooking mats to protect the fish for a safe catch/photo/release.

    You can go to look in the TACKLE section under "Nets, Mats & Weigh Slings" to find this one...



    Fox Stalker Unhooking Mat:
    • Ultra soft fish friendly padding.
    • Slippery finish to prevent mucus loss
    • Carry handles
    • Velcro closures on both ends
    • Can be used as a weigh sling also.
    • 23" x 37" padded area
    • rolls up for transportation
    Cost $36.49(imported from the UK)

    Also a digital camera with a timmer is a must for fishing alone.

    Good luck,