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  1. How do i tell what type of prop , pitched prop i have. I am wanting to slow the boat down some. I dont need to go 46 mph on the water and i dont want to. I am hopeing with a different prop for a better chance at getting the boat down to 1 mph for trolling it currently goes 3.8 into the wind. i truly beleave in the k.i.s.s. theory and fishin is what the boat is for not speed or hole shots if i dont have to use a drift sock or plate to slow it down that would be great. 3500.00 isnt happenin for a protrollin set up at the moment eather 100 horse mercury on a 19 ft blue finn motor is a 89 thanks
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    the prop size and pith might be stamped on the prop. take a close look at it. and get a smaller pitched prop.

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    Also, be aware that a smaller pitched prop will raise your rpm's. Make sure you know what the max rpm range is for your motor so you don't run the risk of over-revving and thus possibly causing a problem.
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    my main motor is a 150 merc on a 19' trophy. at idle i troll about 3.2 without buckets. about 2.4 with buckets, <1.0 if i trim up the motor. i can really fine tune it by trimming. i would try the buckets or trimming before i went messing with the prop. as stated prior, you will be messing with the rpm range if you go to a smaller prop.
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    a 4 blade same dia/pitch will slow it down!