Properly loading a boat into your pickup

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by puterdude, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. can you believe this?

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  3. The boat looks in a lot better shape than the truck. Guess they stillcan get out on the lake.
  4. Is it just me or does it look like the hull of the boat sliced through the top of the pickup? Let's also hope he had full coverage on both or they are SOL.
  5. Gju42486

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    now thats impressive..............better call bill dance and jimmy houston to see if progressive will cover that :p
  6. Toxic

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    If he got rid of that trailer, he could save room at the marina parking lot that way LOL.
  7. chaunc

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    Cant tell if the bow eye is ripped out. If it is, they better have a good bilge pump.:p
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    I was always told that if your boat is hooked to your vehicle, it is covered under your vehicle ins. if theres an accident. If its in your garage, its covered under your home owners ins. Only time boat insurance is in effect is when you are actually using the boat on the water or its parked somewhere other than your property. . Is this really true? So you read the fine print on that ins. contract did you? lol Raider
  9. Now thats what I call a Dead Rise....
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    Last year I was following a Ford Excursion pulling a cigar boat down Sand Run Road. He hit some rather large bumps in the road and his trailer popped off his hitch. He was all over the road but managed to get pulled over to the side of the road. The front of the boat (still on the trailer) plowed through the back of his Excursion breaking both windows and pushing the doors in about 2 feet. I pulled over to help him get the trailer back on his hitch. He couldn’t understand how the trailer had come off as it was locked. The safety chains are were the only thing keeping the trailer attached to his vehicle. After a closer inspection I noticed the tongue of the trailer said use 2 5/16” ball, he was pulling his boat with a 2” ball! His Excursion had 30 day tags and was only 8 days old. I think he learned a costly lesson that day!! He was very lucky!!

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    About 5 years ago I saw a cigar boat in the back of a truck on 270 @ 71N , he got rearended in the traffic.
  12. I'm not positive but I think each titled vehicle in Ohio needs it's own insurance policy unless the towing vehicle has an umbrella coverage policy. I know a tow truck has to have insurance on the towed vehicle but it's a separate rider on the policy.
  13. My insurance company ,state farm said it had to be a seprate policy or rider for any boat 14 ft or more ,thus I have a policy for mine,other than my auto insurance.
  14. Reminds me of this
  15. I thought my boat loading skills were questionable.
  16. if he didnt soil himself when he hit the pole, i guarantee that boat climbin up his backside generated some skid marks!
  17. FOSR

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    Once when I was about 12 my dad took me to Delaware and we saw a guy towing a camper in a big hurry to make the left at the light leaving the park.

    He rolled the camper on its right side.
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    By the looks of that photo those Bayliners can really fly. Who'd of thought.
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    like they say, if you can't dodge it ram it! LOL