Proper way to remove hook

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  1. misfit

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    i've added a video below.when doing so,i kinda messed up the sequence of the thread though,so my apologies to the original author.

  2. Very easy to do, and I suggest using Dacron for the pull string.

    I've done that procedure twice, and it worked like a charm both times.
  3. I think I'd have to have a few pulls of that Wiskey too to have that done to me.
  4. misfit

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    i use needle nose pliers.they work the same way with less messing around.a quick jerk,and it's a done deal.
  5. ezbite

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    oh i think that whiskey had something to do with the hook getting stuck in his hand to start with.:)
  6. Workdog

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    I just let em rust off... like a fish :D
  7. harle96

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    I used the plier method a few years ago when I had a spoon in my calf. I never knew that skin was so elastic. I didn't pull fast or yank, just a steady pull, it did take some brute strength to pull it out, but wasn't so bad for me. A hand prly hurts worse though.
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    That was good Gene...I had a some T4 flatfish trebles buried in my head through a hat when I was a kid. The dude on the next dock over casting for pike screwed up and decided to give it a quick jerk before it got to me, but...too late! When he set those hooks tho, I kinda came unglued. Ol man had to take me to the hospital, 'cause he couldn't get 'em out and the stupid canook doctor was giving him an a$$ chewin instead of workin on the head.
    I was really starting to get pi$$ed. A funny feeling and memory I will probably never forget!
  9. I've used the needle nose a few times. It's all in the wrist and works like a charm. Same method as the string yank, but for me I have more control with the pliers.
  10. I would have that whole bottle of liquor down before I would let him do that.
  11. misfit

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    if you stick yourself in the arm or hand,the string trick is pretty much out of the question if you're alone,as it takes both hands to do it.
  12. misfit

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    here is another video of my way of removing hooks.i don't carry hemostats,but needle nose pliers work great for this.and if the hook is in your hand or arm,and you're alone,it's really the only method besides pushing through(which i hate,LOL).

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    That was a fun one Rick!

    How about some first aid? Besides an antiseptic.
    The majority of cuts in or on the water are full of protein poisoning.

    Bee stings, Fish spines, barbs, coral cuts, fish teeth bites, hooks that have been in fish, even a cut from a rock on the bottom while swimming.

    Keep a bottle of Adolphs meat tenderizer in your tackle box and first aid kit always. Just moisten the area and apply. This will draw out any protein poisoning, reducing swelling, reducing chance of infection and so on.

    Having a bottle around anyways could just save someones life that is allergic to bee stings.

    This was learned back in the 80's while diving in Fla. It has been on my boat ever since.