prop-stainless or aluminum???

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  1. thinking of getting a new prop...have always ran alum. but was thinking of going stainless!! any pro/cons i need to know about??? thinking the stainless will give a slight improvement in performance but not sure...
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    Stainless without a doubt, unless you have a habit of hitting things :D

    More performance (as well as options) with stainless since it doesn't flex like aluminum, but I'm sure you're aware of the price diff.

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    Shake, speaks the truth...! ;) The cost difference is a secondary con...hitting things is the primary. Stainless is a lot harder then the material of the two gear sets in your I/O or outboard. You want to take a guess which one will give first upon impact of an even harder object...??? It won't be cheap...! :D can purchase two aluminum's for the price of one's your choice. ;)
  4. thanks guys!!! i knew that if you are hitting things that the stainless will not give and the price differance!!! i dont hit things often:eek: my current prop is perfect but will i gain by upgrading??? not worried about the lower unit as i do not put this vessle in those circomstances!! would YOU guys go stainless or stay with aluminum??? 1991 19' fiberglass cuddy 130 I/O alpha1 mercruiser...performs very adequet now just wondering!!!!
  5. I would stay with what you have.....been there, done that, won't be that much difference. have to worry about someone stealing it everytime you park it overnight somewhere.

    You might go to a 4 blade aluminum, gets a little tighter bite, especially in the turns.

    My 2 cents.
  6. I like my Stainless one much better.It was like adding overdrive to the boat.By that I mean I have both a SS one and a Alum. one that are both 19" pitch,the SS one being a bit bigger diameter.I had to run about 400rpm higher with the Alum. to get the same speed as the SS.
    I have a 23' W/A with a 260 MerCruiser.With the SS prop this boat will plane out real nice with 4 people onboard at 2400rpm.I usually run 2600rpm on decent days which pushes this boat 23-24mph.It gets around 3mpg which is not too bad.
  7. The fact that they look really cool is reason enought to get one.

    I noticed a big improvement on performance after switching to a Stainless unit, but I have a lighter boat than yours. If you're into pulling skiers and tubers frequently, It would probably be worth it. If you're just running and gunning to fishing spots, you'd most likely be better off spending the extra money elsewhere.
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    Alum props get weaker every repair. The stainless is also hubbed and takes an enomous amount of abuse. Check out a Balistic prop. Excellant price and great performance. Plus if you get a small nick on the stainless just file it smooth. Delta propellar in Cleves Ohio can set you up. They also have used stainless props that are in perfect shape (Gary never sells a junk prop) Raider
  9. The fact that they look really cool is reason enought to get one.
    thats what i thought!!!!!!:D with the poliglow i just put on the boat and trailer painted and plywood/carpet steps replaced with diamond plate aluminum steps its looking pretty sweet and if there is a gain in performance(i do pull tubes,kneeboards etc.):eek: sometimes!!!:D then thats great!!i knew you guys would come through:D thanks to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!