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  1. How much difference does two degree of pitch make? I have a 30hp rude on a 16 ft. boat (Tiller). With just myself I get 22mph. With one other passenger boat hardly planes out and I can't top 12mph. I have a 11"x13" prop now. Wanted to know if I installed a 10"x11" prop if that would make much difference. Any info would be great...
  2. Going down in pitch will help you get up on plane better. Just be careful that you are not over revving it at speed. What year is your motor? Also what is your boat made of and hull design?

  3. The boat is an open aluminum tiller model with the pedestal seats and such.

    The motor is a 94 30hp long shaft electric start
  4. My Stepfather has a 17 foot open aluminum that he powers with a 25hp rude. It goes on plane with him, my mom and me with not much problem and top end is at about 20mph. Thats probably about 450lbs, I wonder if you might have some type of motor problem. It would be nice if you had a tach on it so we knew what the rpm's are at speed with just you in it
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    If your running a long shaft on a short transom......and your tilt is not right it'll probably magnify the results....