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Prop ? on 25 hp Johnson

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Jammer, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. What would be the best pitch on a propeller for a 1979 25 hp. Johnson? I have a 14' Steury with my big butt (220#) in the back (Tiller steer). I just want a good all around prop, not for top speed or pulling tubes. :F
  2. Yes, there are 9, 10, 11, or 12 inch pitch. They all say the same RPM and I don't know my RPM anyway. Do you know what the stock prop was on this motor? The only numbers I can find on the old one Doesn't give me a clue.
    PJ 21 ?? I think, I don't have it with me.
    The site you listed was for New York houses, I don't care to move to the big apple.

  3. Thank you, Freyedknot,
    Looks like the one that's on there is an 8" pitch. No wonder the motor runs so fast and I don't get anywhere. The prop selector says an 11" pitch and Michigan Wheel has it for around $80. The local boat shop wanted almost $200.
    Thanks again, Jerry
  4. I replaced the prop on my 25 HP Johnny on a 24' pontoon this year. Went with a 10 X 11" , gained more slow speed control and higher top speed. Prop was 10 X 8. Also noticed motor is working a little harder to achieve full RPM. Max RPM also went down, from 4900 to 4600.

  5. If you not in a real hurry, you may find a great deal on eBay.
  6. thanks, Brian. I hadn't thought to look on E-bay.
  7. I've got a '92 Johnson 25 on a 15' Whaler clone. Prop is a 10X13. Boat will do 32 MPH if stripped down with one person, or 25 MPH with two batteries, two big guys (I'm 240), trolling motor and lots of gear. Hole shot is plenty fast enough.