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  1. i bought some mags last weekend only used half. i left them in the garage hoping to use them again this weekend, but they're already brown & hard.

    was it just too warm this week to leave them outside? i cant put them in the fridge....i'll be divorced or hung by the next weekend. :eek:

    anyone got any tips?
  2. put them in the frige just in like a jar with a food lable on it that u know she wont be using any time soon. :=D

  3. well then, the best thing to do would be to put them in a hollowed out Cookbook and put that in the fridge.
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    One time I did that during the summer and they turned into flys.

    Put them in a brown lunch bag and stash them on the bottom shelf in the back of the fridge behind some pork rinds or somthing else she doesn't eat. Out of site, out of mind.

    Another option would be to keep them in the trunk of your car or truck bed putting the plastic container that the maggots came in into a second container of some kind.
  5. how long should they typically last?
  6. they can last a couple of months in the fridge.
  7. holy crap! okay, i need to find a good hiding method.
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    I keep wax worms in the small container they came in on the shelf in the door and put a jar of brown mustard on top, she hates the stuff and never has a clue............I hope she doesnt read this or I also could end up on the rack in the fridge with something on top of me so the cops dont find me:0 S
  9. Check these guys out, on their site they tell you how to keep your bait fresh. I have kept waxies for 4 mos, maggots for 3. Just gotta get a small apartment size "CUBE", fridge and keep it in the basement or garage. Wife found waxies in regular fridge and says, what's this, I told her RICE THATS NOT DEAD, well, that didn't fly, my tub did. She bought me a cube fridge at a sale. It's in the basement, bait, left side, cold one on the right !!!:D Mike
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    Second fridge in basement. Keg on the bottom, crawlers and maggots on top
    of the keg. Fish fillets in the freezer section!
    Although my girls a fish ho' like me, doesn't really mind bait in the fridge.:D

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  11. Waxies do not have to be refrigerated. Maggots must be. Read up on the net how to take care of. Most sales sites give all kind of info on keeping grub baits.

    To keep peace at home I always have a beer & bait fridge in garage. That way its handy and if they get out so what how much beer can they drink.