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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by bgpark1, Oct 3, 2007.

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    i knew i was not that messed up on my shot. Kept having problems zeroing in my QuadX? Then missed high on a doe at 18 yards sunday morning... urrhhh.

    scope that came on my titan tenpoint package a couple years ago. took to Portage Archery after noticing the sight adjustment for changing reticles moved with the slightest of touch. He right away wiggled the top(colur and brightness) and side knob(reticle pattern) which it moved more then i would have thought possible... and said it was defective and they discontinued that model... ended up giving me an upgraded Tenpoint replacement with only "red" dots and 11 settings for brightness... but took it straight into the range, 1 slight adjustment and 3 arrows dead center... kinda interesting seeing a bolt shoot up inside of another... can't pull them apart... lol... life is good and a big thanks to the crew out at Portage Archery/Ten Point just outside of Akron on old Waterloo rd.