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  1. i'm on vacation in colorado and i tried to go fishing in a stream in colorado but there where so many midges landing all over me i had to leave, is there any way to avoid them
  2. Eats lots of Garlic, it keeps the mosquitoes off me, maybe it works for midges. Comes out your pores and they don't like it.
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  3. Smoke a cigar also.... seriously Thats what i do...

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    I'm with Big J, I eat too much garlic, probably, but I have no mosquito or black fly issues ever. Probably work on midges too. A cigar wouldn't hurt either, but watch out for Monicas if you try that, hate to get bit by one of them! :D
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    Try a Thermo cell . They sell them at gander .Works great on mos and mites
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    tell em there's yankees playing ball at progressive field, that oughta get them out of your area.
  7. Rub a dryer sheet on exposed skin and carry it in your pocket. No more biting bugs.
  8. Dryer sheet....Does it work on black flies like are around Lake Erie? What kind do you use?

    Thanks for your help.
  9. in canada years back [like 40[ a old indian on the french river was just laughing his butt off at three of us . because of the bugs . we did ask him why the blk flies didn;t bother him????? his answer DON:T TAKE A BATH / the bugs love the soap smell.
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    I thought midges were a Lake Erie thing. Did not know they had them in Colorado. The cigar idea works pretty well on keeping bugs away for me.