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    All of a sudden I can't connect with my wireless router to use the Wii shop, news or weather channels. I tried the troubleshooting section, but can't figure it out! Anyone know how to walk me through this using laymans terms? I'm pretty clueless with the wireless thing, got my laptop setup but I think I got lucky. Feel free to pm me, thanks for any help!!
  2. I think your the only one on here with a wii, we should be asking you how the hell you got one, lol. Oh yea, free bump

  3. Have you tried to reset your wireless router?

    My kids Wii did this twice, but the problem appeared to be with the router. Our 2 laptops were able to get onto the net, but not the Wii.

    Cycling the power on the router worked both times.
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    I'll give that a shot, I've had to do that for my laptop a few times. I keep getting a message that says IP conflict.

    FYI....I just happened to walk into a Circuit City one Friday night last Summer and asked the guy in the game section if they had any? He said yeah, we just got a whole pallet of them in. BUT this was the guys first day and he didn't know they weren't allowed to sell them till the ad hit in the Sunday paper. I had the Wii in my hand, they ran my credit card then told me they couldn't sell it to me!! I got mad, xalled BS so they put my name on it and told me I could come back Sunday morning and pick it up without waiting in a line at 5am!! That's my Wii story!
  5. Lucky, lol.

    As said above, try unplugging the power on your router for a while and the plug it back in to reset it. Thats happened before when I used a router, but my pc wouldnt log into the net nore my xbox.
  6. I got my wii this past sunday - target had the wii in their sunday ad, I woke up a 7am, viewed the ad online, went to target at 7:45, 8am they opened and I was like number 14 in line to get 1 of 24 wii's.

    I can't believe it's still a PIA to get one!
  7. It has to be something with your wireless. I know mine sometimes did that. Does your computer connect? If your power goes out or you unplug it I know you have to go back in the settings and reconnect. I would just go in where you click on a wireless network to set it up and just refresh them all and do a search and let it locate the networks again. If it doesnt read yours then its something with your wireless.
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    It's been a while and it's still not working. I tried all the stuff mentioned above and it wouldn't completely reload, it got to around 60% in the process and froze up? It worked fine right out of the box and just quit one day?? My laptop works fine with my wireless router, once in a while it will quit working, but a quick unplug and plug back and it starts working just fine again and that doesn't happen to often either.

    I wanted to download a couple old school NES games for my Wii, that's the only reason I wanted the wireless hookup. I think there is some sort of device I can buy that will connect my wii to my modem with a wire. I might look further into that.

    Spring is right around the corner and my Wii will become an afterthought till next December real soon!
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    Did you ever get it working ? Sorry I never seen the post or I would have helped. I've had a Wii since before Christmas and I have it on Wireless. If you have it working and have Guitar Hero we should get on there and play for a few !
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    Nope, never got it going. I have Guitar Hero for PS2, couldn't justify having it for both systems. Wish I did though, a few buddies of mine have it for Wii and love it! If you have any ideas on the wireless shoot me a pm, I've tried everything. The wireless works just fine on my laptop.
  11. Name of router? You said your getting a IP conflict? I'm betting something is set up wrong. Post the name of the router, version number etc and I'll see if I can help you get it set up. Also, are you using DSL or cable?
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    It's a Belkin Router v.3000 Wireless G MIMO router and I have DSL.

  13. Do you possibly have your wireless encrypted or is it open not requiring a key to use? I'm just thinking if you are using WEP encryption on your wireless router maybe your WII doesn't have the settings. Also its possible your laptop and WII are trying to use the same IP address if the WII is using a static IP address. Shut everything down, including your laptop and WII and anything else that would use the internet. Turn your routers back on for a few minutes, fire up your WII and see if it works. If it does then turn on your PC's one at a time and if the WII stops working the computer might be using the same IP address.
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    Hey Bill...the first sentence I'm afraid I don't understand. Computers aren't really my thing. I'm pretty sure I don't use or need a "key".

    I'll try to shut everything down again, I think I've tried that before and it didn't work. I think it's the IP address. I've seen that warning before.

  15. Oh , so your neighbors get free interenet then too! haha. If you don't have your wireless locked down and you live in a neighborhood with houses close or close to a main road people could be surfing on your dime. That may or may not matter to you but running wide open is kinda like leaving your doors unlocked to your house.
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    I did kinda know that. All my neighbors are 80 something and most have never heard of this internet thing :)

    Would locking it help my Wii, I tried the turning everything off thing and it failed again.