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    ok,lately i've been having an issue with this message popping up several times a day,as i'm surfing the net.there's really no pattern to it and it's driving me nuts.any ideas what could be causing it?i have rr internet and am running IE6.but the problem existed before i switched to rr,so i doubt that has any bearing.i recently upgraded my computer and and installed a new xp home OS as welli also was having the problem before the upgrade and switch to rr,so i've eliminated those as the potential problem.
    i haven't run any spyware program since the upgrade(2 weeks),but anivirus runs daily and shows nothing.
    i'm guessing it's something in ie,but what do i know,LOL.
  2. i'm also having issues similar with verizon DSL...messages like cant find cant display the page etc... also 2 of the 4 lights on dsl modem are fleashing and i thought they should all be lit solid?? ie 7 i think...been going on 2+ weeks and driving me to drink....MORE! LOL!
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  3. Might be a addon you have installed with IE6. Might look at them and disable and see if it helps.