Private Pond Action (Pics)

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  1. Me and icefisherman4life hit a private pond in Green today for some crappie action. I owe Jimmy Houston thanks for turning me on to the awesome Blakemore Roadrunner. What they say is true "can't fish them wrong, as long as you fish them slow!" I caught 4 bass and 1 decent crappie, and icefisherman4life got into a few nice crappie and gills. I was throwing a chartruese/white Roadrunner, he was using waxies and pinmins under a float. Here are a couple pics of my first fish of the year:

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    tmerk.........Glad you guys got out and had some fun today......Nice to know that those "ACTION PACKED BASSERS" can learn to slow it down, when they have to......I used to be a hard-nosed BASSER about 36 plus years ago..Did the Florida and S. C. (SANTEE-COOPER ) thing several times.....sure can spoil you for our bass fishing......At least, you got a jump start for this season....and I hope that you have great one.........Good fishin .....Jon Sr.

  3. i didnt get a ton of action on the pinmin and waxie i caught all my crappie on a 1/32 oz pink jig head and a chartruse twister tail under a slip bobber and did a slow jig and retrieve. it worked pretty good. merk got into some pretty nice bass. ill let him have all of em haaaa im a bobber panfish type of guy im tryin to bring him over to the dark side. hahaaa
  4. Thanks, mrphish, Jon, right? Here's hoping your well-wishes go a long way this season! Good luck to you as well.
  5. Thanks, Big Daddy. How'd the crappie seminar go tonight? When icefisherman4life and I were in at T's this afternoon, he was telling everybody to come and see you tonight. Sorry I couldn't have made it....
  6. thanks for the love sent out MR and BIG. i appreciate it ill take all the well wish's and compliments i can get hahaaa. may you guy's freezers be full.
  7. Seminar went great! 36 guys showed up and I told them where all the slabs are in Long!!! LOL.

    I have the flyer for the tournament and I'll get it posted later today. I may be on Lake Erie that day, jigging up walleye, but we'll see. T's tournaments are a lot of fun, and the hog roast sounds pretty good too! I'm gettin hungry!
  8. i like fishing ponds this early for bass. it makes it a tough challenge and shows how much patience u need. And if u only catch one u feel a sense of acomplishment. Great job tmerk!!