Private Pond 4/17/08

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  1. Decided to give the walleye a break and go for some LM bass tonight. Started off a litlle slow up picked up as it got later. Ended up catching a dozen bass, largeat being 3 pounds 7 0z and 2 others that were about 2-3 pounds, the rest were dinks. id say i had a succesful fist time out for LM this season, couldn't ask for a more beautiful day!!!

    Here's the pic's of the 2 bigger fish

    3 pound 7oz

  2. Hey man, you ever fish those ponds at BG? I did my share of fishing when I went to school there. Of course, most of it was in the sorority houses :)

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    I almost went to a pond last night b.c it was so nice... Went to caamp perry instead-Nice catches
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    Nice bass, BG. What are you catching them on? I may try my luck on a local pond tomorrow. I can't decide where I want to go. If I decide to fish for bass, I was thinking maybe a worm, jig, jerkbait, or I've even heard Rat-L-Traps can be effective this time of year.
  5. In was throwing about everything i had in my tackle box. i started off with a 2IN minnow grub with a small lead head and landed about 5-10 small bass .

    One of my buddies ws throwing a larger minnow grub and landed a nice 2-3 pound bass so i switched to that and also landed my biggest bass so for this year (3 pounds 7 0z). As it got later i switched to a white spinner bait and the bass startd to hit the bait in the shallows. tried a couple jerkbaits but didnt have any luck. I tried everything in my box till they started to hit. Hope this helps and good luck
    Fishingfool BG
  6. Was out to a private farm pond that doesn't get fished tonight. was jiggin' for gills and hooked 2 nice 12" or better large mouths casting with the wind 5' off the bank. was really suprised and can't wait to get back out there tomorrow after work. i'll have a bucket and cooler ready this time.....
  7. Yeah the bass have been hitting along the bank in shallow water. I went out lastnight to a local pond and the bass were lovin the spinnerbaits. As it got darker i started using a buzzbait, landed about 10 in the dark before i left. No lunkers but nice size bass between 1-2 pounnds.
    Ill be hitting the maumee tribs this weekend for some smallie action. Ill post wth any reslults. fishingfoolBG
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