Private pond 10/20

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jimnrg, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. I fished my in-laws pond for 30 minutes today. They're literally pets and are hand fed but there ar some positively huge LM and channel cats in there (might be state record)so had to try. Nothing giant but a fish on most casts including a bluegill on a plain gold snap swivel after it popped open and my lure flew off.
  2. Bluegill on an open snap swivel... actually "hooked" it? That's funny.

    Did you find a time when the in-laws weren't home to follow you around?

  3. yep, it literally hit the shiny gold snap and got hooked plus my wife said a bass hit it. They're out of town or they would have followed me every step. LOL
  4. That's a first on a snap swivel.

    One of my buddies was in town this summer and caught a bluegill on the spring of a bobber at my place.
  5. Oddly enough my wife wasn't surprised by it in the least but she spent most of her teen years through college on that land and the fish are her pets too. She hates fishing and won't go with me normally but she was all over me at the pond I think to make sure I was gentle with them. She nearly FREAKED when my surface lure flew off the swivel and she thought a bass had swallowed it(Unbelievably, I reeled in the lure about 5 casts later with the leader tangled in my hooks. I tie a 2 foot leader on my crankbaits so I can tie them directly to the line and keep all the action yet still have a swivel on the other end to stop line twist and make quick changes. I simply wrap the leader line around a piece of index card so it doesn't tangle then put them in a two-sided plastic case with separate compartments for ten lures I got at wally world.