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Printing problem

Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by walcat, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. When I print make a print of something on here it runs off the right side of the page. How do I correct this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Do a PAGE SETUP to set the page to print on ONE PAGE WIDE BY (blank) pPAGES LONG, then try highliting only what you want to print, and use the PRINT SELECTION function on your PRINT menu
    If that doesn't work, copy the selection and paste it into MS Word and format it to your page. You'll have to treat photos individually..

    As a last resort, hit the PRINT SCREEN key, open a blank document in MS word or MS Powerpoint, and PASTE - you can then size the pasted screen shot to fit your page by dragging the corner.

  3. Fish Tale

    Fish Tale Sea Food Eater

    Right click on the page that you want to print.

    When the menu pops up left click on print.

    When the printers box pops up choose -- layout.

    Then choose -- landscape.

    Then left click print.