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  1. I need printer ink for a canon i550. 3 color cartridges at wally world run about $35.00. I've been looking at refurbished ones on the net for 1/2 the price. Any one out there have good suggestions on where to buy? Does anyone buy bulk ink and refill there own, is it easy? Pros/cons ect. Thanks for the help.
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    I used those cheaper ink brands of the ineternet for awhile. They worked at first then problem was that if you didn't use your printer every day they seemed to dry up and you would have to run a printer nozzle clean several times to get it to print without lines. Wasted alot of ink. Finally got tired of it and went back to the good stuff and no more problesm
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    i just went out and bought a lazer printer...short tern loss but long term gain and a lot more reliable no ink to dry up
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    i only print once a week if that ,and have never had trouble with the discount inks?
  6. try wallgreens thy refill them cheep 15.00 for color and10.00for black.good luck
  7. I have used ebay for my ink refills for my epson and never had a problem. I print fairly regularly and I have been pleased for several years...
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    I used to do the refills. After a couple refills the nozzle would dry up and have to be cleaned, color was a bit off too. Would never do it again. Waste of ink and damaging to the printer I believe. Now I got a new printer and will only use a quality product.
  9. I tried to refill my own a few years ago. Bought a kit I think at Wal-Mart. Color never was right. Tryed Walgreens refill and had the same problem. Got Ink Stops brand a couple of months ago at the clerks suggestion. At first thought it was great. Then all of a sudden the reds became yellow and the black went empty. Good place though. When I went back I took them with me and they refunded my money. So I got my HP cartridges for $12. And if you sign up for their card you get a 25% off coupon from their website.
  10. I have a Canon C755 All-in-One that I have been filling for years. Saved bundles of money.

    Bought the kit at Costco for under $20.

    Important things to remember. NEVER let the cartridge sit empty as the transfer media will dry out and become worthless. Cover where the ink comes out with tape before drilling a fill hole in the top of the cartridge, then fill the cartridge 3/4 full, put tape or plug the fill hole you drilled, and then remove the tape covering the transfer media. Or follow the written instructions from the manufacturer. (As you know, real men don't read instructions.)

    The tape job or plugs (some kits have plugs to insert into the drilled hole MUST be airtight or you will leak ink everywhere.

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  11. 3 cartridges for 35 bucks, that doesnt sound like a bad deal, ill def trade the costs of that for just one of my plotter heads which run $45 a pop, the pros about refilling/refurbished u pay for what u get, refurbs or refills have a tendency to not work or over work and when it comes to me plotting out drawings and important documents we wont ever buy refill/refurb cartridges again. had one blowout- the internal ink bladder blew from a shotty refill job with a needle, had quit a few refurbs not even work or allowed to much ink to flow which scrapped paper, then the cleaning bill for the plotter, to me those refurbs and refills rnt worth the money saved, ive went through just this year probally close to 30 carts. color and black and we used close to 50 last year when the boss wanted to try the cheaper ones, he didnt like the $400 service fee to get the plotter cleaned... LOL but when using at home if u dont use it very often 3 for 35 doesnt sound like a bad deal at all, heck my hp designjet black is 40 for one so ur getting a deal at that price. JMO
  12. Walgreens refills them. 10.00/black 15.00/color.
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    I refill my own and don't have any problems at all. I use a Canon printer that has separate cartridges for each color. I print photos and am pleased with the color. I order from here.

    They are located north of Columbus and are great people to deal with.
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