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Printer ink prices

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by flathunter, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    The last two times I have went to buy printer ink, I have found that it is cheaper to buya new printer that comes with the two catridges I need than to buy the cartridges sepreate..So I now have 3 printers, why is that ?
  2. I do the same thing! I'll continue to do so until they make ink affordable. Though I do get sick of un-installing and installing software every time, I refuse to pay $35 for ink only (that's only one cartridge). They have the refill kits, but none of them ever match the printers they sell (Walmart). :rolleyes: These day I just take the pics I want printed out to Walmart and print them on their machine. It's a lot cheaper and the pitures are MUCH better quality. Anything else, I use the "quick print" option to save ink.

  3. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    You should buy some of the toner cartridges and drums we use for our printers. toner is 80 or 90 bucks and drums are 150-160 I think. 3 toners per drum approx. We have spent over 1000 bucks easily on this stuff in the last couple weeks due to all the political mailings we have been doing. Sucks I know but that is our business.......Now for home, it is worse. 50- 100 bucks for ink to print relatively little is unreal. That is whjy if I need it printed, I do it here at work! :D :cool:
  4. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    The ink that comes in new printers is not a full size ink cartridge either may appear to be but its not. But i feel ya on this one i just bought ink for my printer agian and for the 3 color and one black its around $80
    $35 for the black and $12 each for the 3 color ones. Its the epson durabrite ink. I have a web site that has ink at resonable prices i havent used them yet guy at work gave it to me. See if i can find it. Note i tried the refil deal once and it sucked wasn't worth a nickle.
  5. shadowman

    shadowman Supreme Being

    you can also buy the ink kits for your printer, the large one will give you 6 to 9 refills for both color and black...........cost 65 dollars........if your not sure i did go buy the kit last year and there are different kits for different printers but with the right kit they give you everything you need and the kit works cause i have been using mine and cost wise my ink for my printer was costing me 54.00 dollars for both color and black/white and i,ll get 6 refills from the kit so its like i bought one and got 5 free, i got mine at a computer show but there are lots of places selling the kits now and they come in a small kit or large kit, hope this helps some..............
  6. Shadowman,

    I am just curious about the quality on these refill kits. It has been many years now but I did buy the refill kits for the black cartridges at my prior employer. What we found was that the color quality was very substandard. You did not get dark black letters, more of a dark gray. For some use this is acceptable but for much of what we were doing it was not. I figured the color refills would be more of an issue. I assume that over time they have gotten better on quality but I am curious as to whether they are close to OEM quality?
  7. Dont buy a DELL! they have a lock on their printers ,you can only get cartridges from them??? talk about captive customers!!last cost 40.00!!!lasted half as long as the one before!! :mad:
  8. shadowman

    shadowman Supreme Being

    bkr, they work fine, only problem is when you 1st refill them your 1st page comes out crappy but after that at least i can,t tell any difference between a refill and oem, i use the refills for everything including photo,s and am quite happy.................... :cool:
  9. That is good to know. I may look into that the next time I buy ink. I don't buy very often as I print very little at home. And for photos, I just get them from the photo store for the few that I want done. I lose way too much ink to drying up for me to buy it for myself.
  10. shadowman

    shadowman Supreme Being

    just to clarify when you buy a refill kit for your printer you use your original ink cardridges so your not replacing the whoule unit your just refilling the empty one with new ink, you get several bottles of ink in various color,s and a drill bit and some self tapping screws to seal the hole you will make in your cardridge along with several syringes and the formula for color ink, so many parts of black ink and yellow and red for the color, it sounds a bit confusing but its really quite simple when you follow the directions, believe me if i can do it a five year old can do it, as i said in my other post i wasn,t sure at 1st but i did buy the kit for my printer and it works great, its simple to refill them and they do not leak when your done and you save a ton of money ( at least i do ) i have a set of two cardridges so i always have a refill when needed and i have used my latest kit 4 times with at least two more refills left, on some printers you can get 12 to 15 refills from the large kit ( 65.00 dollars ) figure that out if your ink cost you 45.00 to 55.00 dollars a pop, you can save hundreds of dollars not to mention the trips to the store to buy it and hope they have it and not running out of ink in the middle of a project, good luck and start saving money............... :cool:
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