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Pricing of old lures

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by LongCut, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. I recently inherited a ton of old fishing tackle. Most of it is lures, but I have a few rods and one reel. Does anyone know how/where to find the value of these items? I did a couple searches, but it looks like everyone wants you to but their book for pricing. If anyone can help out, that would be great.
  2. to bad your not closer, I have six books on old lures. the prices in the books is just a guide, I:VE been to meny auctions where they bring hardly anything and the oppisite where some one pays big bucks. I do have my own collection, nothing fancy ,but its fun. if I can help ,or you wanna part with them ? e mail me.jim might try local liberary.

  3. If you take some pictures of them and post them up on a thread I bet you will get some answers and information from some folks on here. There are a few guys who collect old lures and hopefully they can help you out.

    By the way, welcome to OGF!;)
  4. worminator

    worminator I'll be bach

    create a list or take a few shots and post them. I have a list of favorites that they don't make any more. My go to lure in Canada is the rattlin' thin fin. Consider them sold if you have any. The guys I fish with turn green when I find any of these. Let me know.......... post a list. I bet they'll go on OGF. Or you could start your own collection. Sounds like you may have a good start.

  5. Hey I have one of those!!:D:D Well it has been so long since I tossed it I am not sure if my is a rattling style or the regular thin fin. I just might have to pull that one out next week when I am up in Canada myself.;)
  6. Ebay is loaded with vintage lures and used tackle.
  7. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    Book prices really aren't any good anymore, although they are a good source for identification. The price of old lures has really dropped in the last 4-5 years except for the real rare stuff. Condition is everything. Lures with paint chips ,alot of wear unless rare are not worth alot. E-bay would be a good place to get a up to date "idea" of what they are selling for. Good luck
  8. Thanks for the replys. I never thought of Ebay. I will try to get a list or some photos up in the next few days. I have'nt even gone through everything to know what is there. From what I have seen there is a bunch of the Flatfish lures, tons of olds spoons, what appear to be original Rapalas, and some Heddon topwater plugs. Some of these lures are brand new and still in the original box. It's amazing that this stuff has been sitting in a basement for nearly 30 years, and looks just as good as it probably did the last time it was used. This stuff originally belonged to my grandmas first husband, who fished and hunted all over the world. From what I have been told he loved to fish Canada for Northerns so I quessing that the "collection" will include what ever the hot lures were for Pike in the 40's, 50's, and 60's.
  9. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    Unfortunatly flatfish and rapalas even unused in boxes aren't really collectable because they were made by the millions neither are spoons. Heddon lures are collectable and may be worth something
  10. gonefishin'

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    I found some old lures and found lots of info on them. There is more info on the popular collectables. Look for a site where they buy the stuff. I also checked out E-Bay, lots there.
  11. Eriesteamer

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    I to have 300 lures.lots are older then yours.but to get what the book says for thems another story.I had a few look them over and say they are collectors in there but want them for near free.I would like see yours and buy a package.then I have more to sell and maybe try a gun show.can you send me a picture.If any these be a spoon that has a propeller in middle I like get it.I have one now want get a few more.let me know.back to the replys you got they are rite the spoons are near worthless as I have 100 in here and yet to sell one.I to have a few new in box and they to will get nearly what a used one gets.get back to me if you can
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