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Discussion in 'Guns and Ammo' started by Mamps, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. I am looking to sell or trade some of my shotguns to make some room in my safe. I would like input on asking prices.
    I am looking actually to trade up to a nicer gun or so. As soon as I get a good idea of going rate, I will post an add in the for sale section.

    I have a Remmington 870 Synthetic Stock 28" smooth and rifled deer barrel. Gun is mint.


    I have a Winchester 1300 20 ga in Excellent to new condition

    A winchester 1400 12 ga (self camo) with deer barrel and 28" smooth in decent shape.


    A smith and Wesson 12 ga 1000M in fair condition
  2. Good place that I check prices sometimes are

    They are both auction sites like ebay, but for guns and such. Go there and search for the guns and you can see what people are bidding and willing to pay out.

  3. What are you looking for? I might be interested in trading depending on what you be wanting.

  4. that smith is a good gun. i have the same one. it was my fathers. its a awesome sporting clays gun
  5. Hey there papa,
    looking to get a nicer gun out of all of them. I placed an add on the for sale forum. Check it out.
    My ideal trade would be like a Benelli ultralight. Or I would also like to trade for a nice 20 gauge or something other than 12 gauge. i am into over and under or side by side.

    ice, I agree it looks like a really nice gun however I have no room in my safe and I have kids at home and these guns are sitting on the outside of the safe and my wife is not happy about that.\