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  1. Got my PA license today... Chaunc? What you doing next week?
  2. Perchy101

    Perchy101 Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

    Oh boy... Them fish better watch out Big Daddy is chumpin at the bit to get on the ice...

  3. Big Daddy guess I don't need to ask you are doing...From the sounds of it you are ready to go on the prowl...Glad to hear you are ready...Be careful.....Jim.....
  4. We are planning on heading up Friday and fishing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Not real sure yet....but am thinking out of the 2nd lot, unless we hear of some perch being caught somewhere else.
  5. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Definately going up next thursday but if you want to go earlier in the week, just let me know. My work schedule is pretty clear these days.:) May even go up this sunday.
  6. crooked stripe

    crooked stripe fishn and flyn

    Carl, I told you ya wouldn't be down long. Good luck on your trip. John
  7. Good to see that youre ready to hit it Carl, I wont be up there untill after the super bowl, gotta cook at the club for the party. Chaunc, youre not missing anything at Shenango.
  8. I need to check and see what days the wife works... She works overnights, so I could only leave the next day after I got the kids to school...I have a Dr appointment too on Tuesday.... Might happen Friday... we'll see.... Would be up there til 10 or 11 AM...