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Presque Report.

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by DaleM, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    After 40 years, where do I start!
    Had a blast, lots and lots of fish caught. Mostly gils, some crappie, bass, and a few perch. We all went out of lot#2 about 150-200 yeards out. Hard to believe there are that many gills in the bay. we caught 200-300 per day.
    I fished with Ben (KSU Flash) all three days. Carl was close, as was Tx transplant, Lester and his wife, dixie chicken and several more. Can't remember all the names. Thanks to Carl for pushing me to go, now I guess you can say I'm hooked. The cam is unreal!! So neat to see the fish that are down there. A special thanks to KSU for sharing his hut, and teaching me a few things. Anyone that catches a fish using a walkie talkie, contact Ben, seems it sorta fell in the water :D That must have been why he stayed out half the night last night trying to drown his loss. My back is still sore from sitting and leaning over watching the fish bite. But was worth it. I'll be back next year for sure. Water was real clear.
    Last night a group of us started with a a nice dinner and ended up at the Motels lounge. TxTransplant plays a mean game of pool : Thanks to Big Daddy I didn't get arrested for cutting the DJ's speaker cords.He wouldn't let me! No way that stuff is music! (Still have the knife ready Carl) KSU tooks a 3 hour nap then showed up about 10:00 to start partying, we left about 11:00 and he called all of us until 2:00 this morning wondering where we were. He said the old guys couldn't take it! Well we didn't have to take a nap before we left. Then this morning I had to wake him up! KIDS! then to top it off his truck wouldn't start so I had to go back from the lake and help him out. I guess that was his charge for being my guide. Again had a blast guys. Special thanks to all the members that made the trip, we'll do it again guys that's for sure. Ben, again thanks buddy had a ball.
  2. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)


  3. Timbr

    Timbr Alaska Grayling

    Fished off the 2nd lot Saturday, caught over 300 gills, 2 crappie, 3 bass and 2 perch, between 2 of us. Full Choke thanks for the great "off shore" lunch. Sunday we went out off the boat ramp past the 4th lot. Went 1/2 mile out, fished 20 fow. We found perch, but it was slow, caught a few and left about noon. Great trip.

  4. What a weekend! The fishing was unbelieveable and it was great to see so many OGF'ers up there. I just woke up from a post-drive home power snooze, so I'll not try and name everyone who I met up there, but there must of been 25 or more of us.

    Saturday was as good as I've ever done up there. It was constant. Raffle prize winner Bernie was sharing my shanty and betwen the two of us, we managed somewhere between 400 and 500 fish, mostly gills, but had a few small perch and a couple decent crappie mixed in. The gills were averaging 7 inches. We kept 66 that were 7 1/2 or better, with a couple 9 1/2's in for good measure. By the end of the day, we were throwing them all back, that's a lot of filleting!@!! I had a game I was playing to pass the time. It's called "The Ten Second Rule". I'd drop the bait down to just over the weed tops in 8 ft of water and try to count to ten. The most I ever got to was 8. The fish were very agressive as well.

    We fished til 4:30 or so, then went and got checked in at the motel. Dinner at Appleby's was great, we had to split up becaue it was so busy, but I'll tell you, the service at teh bar was pretty good! After a steak, some chicken wings, and one or four beers, it was time to head back to the motel and the $2.25 liter mugs of beer and an impromtu pool extravaganzer!!

    Gene shoots a mean game of pool, but he's got to stop playing his pool cue like a guitar! Funny stuff. I nearly was ejected from the establishment for violating the pub's strict dress code. LOL!!! While shooting a particularly difficult shot, I turned my hat around backwards. Evidently, that move detracts from the charm and ambiance of the place, which if you saw it, would understand why the incident is so funny! And just so everyone knows, for future reference, don't play techno-dance music around DaleM. You see, he has this knife, and he's not afraid to use it! I guess that didn't violate the bar's rules....LOL!! We did have a few decent games of pool, several more of those big beers, and I was worried about getting up for Sunday!!! Great times, great times.

    5AM Sunday came waaaaay to quick, but a hot shower, a cup of coffee, and a couple Advil had me back in the game and on the ice. Hit the same area but the fishing was somewhat slower. The ten second rule didn't apply much. But, still managed another 40 keepers with some monster pumkinseeds, "platters" as pymybob calls them. The last bite of the day was something big. I set the hook and there was this BIG pull, then "doink" line broke. Probably a pike or bass. Saw three pike caught, and Joey, our second place winner's son, had one on today. I'll post his picture later. LOL

    All-in-all, an awesome trip. Great fishing, a lot of laughs, and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. It may only be bluegill fishing here guys, but until you experience it and actually see what an awesome fishery Presque Isle Bay is through the ice, you really don't know what you're missing.

    Thanks to you all for making it a great trip. Looking forward to NEXT YEAR!!!!

    Pix on the way!!
  5. Thanks to Carl and all the rest of the Ohio game fish members who made this weekend so great. There ought to be a law against catching that many
    fish in one day..

    I was picked up at my house, driven to PresIsle, fished in a warm shanty, given all the bait I needed,treated to a steak dinner,repeated the fishing experience on Sunday, and driven back to my home. Life doesn't get any better!!!!!!!

    Again thanks, you truly honored your drrawing.. Looking forward to next year....


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Let me first start off by saying thanks to Carl for chairing this Presque Isle Event, and a big thank you to those whom made the trip up. I could tell that on Friday morning the buzz was in the air. My cell phone was ringing off the hook while I was driving up to PI. There was only about 30 min of quiet driving time. Everyone that I talked too was excited about going and was hoping for good fishing reports from me. I rolled into the El Patio motel around noon, but my room wasn’t quite ready so I headed out for some fishing. I did drive around looking for the yacht club but was unsuccessful. I ended up going out of the 2nd lot on the park side. It didn’t take long for the first fish to hit the ice. It was on fire Friday afternoon. I limited out in a few hours but just tried keeping the biggest ones. I did catch about 10-12 crappie that were nice size. Dale rolled in a few hours after I setup and called me. I told him to come on out, it was on fire. If I remember I caught 2 fish while I was talking to him. Needless to say we both had a fun afternoon slamming the fish. We headed back to the motel, got cleaned up and had a brew later. Thanks for the brew Dale.

    On Saturday morning my alarm clock woke me up at 5:15am. Thanks Gene for being my alarm clock. Not exactly what I wanted to hear that early was your voice but it’s all good. I headed out to the ice around 6am. 2nd lot on the park side out in 10 FOW and it was again FISH ON!!! I would like to say it was a pleasure meeting all the new faces. I think it was around noon or so, that the lunch bell rang and the sausage gravy was HOT. I want to thank FULL-CHOKE and his father for getting that together and feeding us. It hit the spot. It was very much appreciated. There isn’t much more too say about Saturday during fishing other than it was on FIRE!!! The evening was a blast. I ended up going back to the motel, and was planning on cleaning some fish. The cell was ringing off the hook, and Gene had stopped up to say hey. My plan was to grab a shower and head out for dinner. Next thing I know my cell is ringing again around 10pm. Some drunks were yelling too drink with them. No names needed. I ended up at the motel bar and realized I missed out on some serious drinking time with the crew. They were already happy if you know what I mean. All in all the night was a fun time. I was told that what happens at Presque, stays at Presque, so I will hold too that.

    Sunday I slept in and got out to the ice finally at 8am. Ended up getting some keeper fish and it was a good time again. Fish were a bit slower, but with the Aqua Vu it was pretty easy to hookup with a lot of fish. I left PI around 11am so that I could beat the weather that was moving in.

    Leave the Vex at home, the water is clear and you can see your bait all the way down. Use the camera combined with the mod-pod is deadly.

    I want to especially thank Dale for fishing with me all 3 days. I would be more than happy to fish with you again. The heater he brought would run you out of the shanty in 5 min but it sure was nice to stay warm. The look on Dale’s face when he was watching the Aqua Vu and catching fish was priceless. He will have one I am sure. I never once switched a jig on my line while I was up there either. Thanks to Dale for giving me a jump start when my truck wouldn’t run either. As far as Carl goes, I don’t think you need to cut him off, he could have been good for about 20 more. As far as Jim goes, he should have been cut off at about 12 because his balance gets a bit tipsy after that.

    What a BLAST I had!!!!!! Thanks again to everyone. Expect me again next year. I am packing the ice gear away tomorrow and breaking out the pike fishing gear. Had a good season when I thought there might not be one for us Ohio boys.

  7. Dixie Chicken

    Dixie Chicken I AM THE VOICE OF REASON!

    Boy you guys stole all my thunder. We started out slow but after a great "Off-Shore" lunch provided by Full Choke. We we're talked into moving in closer to the OGF group we got into them. I think they had them coraled up there. It looked like Dale & Carl placed a call or something. Great to meet the OGF guys. Had a blast. Thanks to all!!
    Dixie Chicken & crew
  8. My wife and I had a great time this weekend at PI. I would like to thank DaleM, KSU Flash, TX Trans, and Big Daddy for their company. You're a great group of guys! This place is unreal. If you are into panfishing through the ice, this is the place. It was quite an expierience to fish in water that was this clear. I am use to Ohio's shallow muddy lakes. It was amazing to watch your jig down in 10 FOW and see the fish come out of the weeds and take it. I aggree with KSU. Leave the Vex at home. With that said, I will be back next year with an Aqua View in hand. Thanks to KSU and TX Trans for letting me take a peep at the Aqua Views. It was amazing to see the number to fish down there.

    We aririve at PI on Friday @ 1:30 pm. Got checked in at the El Patio and headed on the ice at 3pm. Headed for Parking Lot #2. Picked a spot at random. Drilled 3 holes. Talked with Dale M and KSU. Fished till 6pm. Kept 83 fish. Mostly all Gills. Unreal. Went to the motel lounge and enjoyed a few cold ones. I now have a love for Yuengling Beer. Talked with DaleM for a bit. Then KSU came in the bar. Watched the drunk guy at the bar (Not a OGF member) sitting next to Dale try to pick-up the bartender. Met a few other members.

    Saurday we got on the ice around 7am. Fished a new spot for 1/2 hour and had to fish. We moved back over near our old spot and they were there again. We caught about 300 or so fish and kept the biggest 100. The wind was a little stronger on Saturday. The Fish Trap Guide held up great. I ended up packing snow around the skirt to keep the wind out. Fired up the buddy heater and turned on the radio. Better than being at home. It was fun to watch KSU and TX Trans go at it all day. They looked like they were shooting scenes for the next Grumpy Old Men. Went to Applebees afterward and had dinner and more Yuengling of course. Never made it down to the motel lounge. Laid accross the bed to rest a minute and I was down for the count.

    We decided not to fish on Sunday since we already had 183 fish to bring home. In addition to the fish, we brought back 4 cases of Yuengling beer. Spend the morning driving around PI for a look. Neat little town. Headed home to beat the storm that was coming through in the afternoon.

    Again, this place is awesome. I will be back! I may try to take the boat up and try for some smallies. Well, I am in the process of cleaning the ice fishing gear for the year. It will be packed away later this week. Time to get out the long rods. This outing was a great way to end the ice season. Look forward to seeing some new faces up there new year.
  9. TxTransplant

    TxTransplant Fishin Fool!

    Was great to see everyone up at Presque! Man that place is a blast. First time I have not had to drive up, fish all day and drive back! But for some odd reason Sundays drive home was the toughest yet! Had a blast fishing and watching the look on Joel's (Archman) face when he saw all those gills on the camera. WOW! Unbelievable! Full Choke thanx for the meal on the ice....that was GREAT! I could smell that gravy heating up all the way over at my shanty. Ben.....enjoyed fishing with ya Bud. Carl....I was just lucky......I really can't shoot pool :D were a blast to fish with....your welcome in my shanty anytime. Dale.....hope your back is better and was really nice to finally put a face to that name! Can't wait till next year!

  10. I had a great time, it was nice meeting all of you. I wish I could have stayed the night and watched Gene dance :) Thanks again Gene, for letting me use your stuff. Sorry about that lantern, I'll make it up to you soon.
  11. crooked stripe

    crooked stripe fishn and flyn

    I will be there next year for sure. Don't know if I can take the party life but will give it a shot. Had to do the dirty part of life. (WORK) John
  12. chaunc

    chaunc Staff Member

    Even us OGF/ Pa. boys had a good time saturday. Didn't do a lot of socializing, but did meet a few of the guys from Ohio. Glad you guys had a great time. I'm not puttin my gear away yet. I'm goin up again this weekend if this weather holds up. Anybody gonna be there on friday?
  13. fishmaniac

    fishmaniac OGF Team-charter member

    looks like im heading up friday. Wouldn't mind a partner. I have everything, would just enjoy some company. If anybody talks to shawn (tpet96) remember me from the cols travel show? Get a hold of me if you wanna come along. The offer stands to anybody who wants to go. May be able to pick you up.
  14. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    Who was it that picked up their beanie up there besides KSU flash? My mind went blank. Have the others ready to send out.
  15. It was good to finally meet you chaunc. Thanks for keeping all us Ohio guys up to date on the fishing up there. It's one heck of a fishery!!!

    I'm working an outdoor show down here this weekend, but a bird told me it's going to stay cold at night for another week, so maybe a week from Saturday, I'll head up for one last ice road trip. We'll see how it goes.
  16. Presque was AWESOME! Caught so many fish on saturday that I lost count after the first hundred or so. All I know that it ended up being alot of fish! No "platters" but alot of dandy 'gills & pumkinseeds! I would have to fish Mogodore all year round to catch the same quality of fish I caught in less than two days at PI! Kept around 35 on Saturday and 25 on Sunday, with a few perch mixed in as well.

    It was nice to put the faces with the names from the site. DaleM, let me know when we're going back to the "choo choo" for some more "eye candy" to go with those mugs of brew! WOW! :D Thanks Gene for the ride up and putting me on the "BIG BOY's, BIG BOY's!!!" as well as letting me shanty up with you on Sunday. Joel, I have a five yard restriction between you and my lantern! :D Let's not forget about the minnow bucket too! :rolleyes: For the record, those were some nice "platters" you pulled through the hole though. Next time give me dibs on them before Gene & Ben! :D Carl, thank your wife for the cookies, they werevery good indeed, as well as the round of brews you, Dale & Gene bought everyone Saturday night! Ben, I tried calling you on the radio but all I heard was "blub, blub, blub"? Hmmm...:rolleyes: Fishingful, Redear, Lester, and everyone else I met, it was nice hanging out and fishing with you all.

    What a great time. It was good to get out and fish with such a great bunch of guys. Thanks again for putting this together everyone. This will definately be a tradition for years to come.

    Anytime you boys want to go out, just give me a shout!

    Hey Dale, for the record, you gave me my beanie. Thanks again!
  17. Hey, I don't know why I'm getting blamed for the minnow bucket. Gene was the one who emptied half the water before the shanty knocked it over :)
  18. Truly great stories.
    Got to admit I pulled a "Lester", I too layed down on the bed to stretch my back out and awoke several hours later, sounds like I should headed to the choochoo for last call....then maybe not!
    And what to eat out on the ice next year? Glad you enjoy'd it.
    Sure was nice to meet everyone.
    Thanks for a GREAT TIME everyone!