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Presque Report

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Just got off the Fish Erie board, One report said several huts on the ice at the1st 2 parking lots (head of the bay), a few at the Chestnut St ramp (city side) and quite a few huts at Misery bay.Report a few days ago said about 3 inches on Misery Bay, probably more than that by now. Poor Richards reports that people are heading out but advises to wait for thicker ice. Havent talked to my friends yet but I know that they probably fished it Fri, will post a report tomorrow. Fishunter, remember talking to you last year, hope to see you in the near - very near future up there.
  2. i hope to go there some time next week if the ise will be good

  3. i called up there today and talk to a women in the park office she said that there was alot of people fishing the 2 parking lot and some on misery bay. she said that most of the guys out was doing pretty good i am heading up this week some time when i go i will post how i do when i get back